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The protagonist of BioShock Infinite is Booker Dewitt. A 6 foot 1 inch brown haired American male, in his late 30’s who has fallen in to gambling debt and is offered a way to repay it by rescuing a girl. The girl’s name is Elizabeth. Booker goes to a lighthouse and from there is transported to the flying city of Columbia.

After reaching the lighthouse Booker gets in to the “Piligrim’s Rocket”and ascends/rises to Columbia. He instantly notices that this city is in some sort of utopian turmoil and falls under the rule of a ‘prophet’ – Zachary Comstock. To enter the city of Columbia, Booker must accept a baptism from a preacher and nearly drowns, losing his conscious and dreaming of a vision – when Columbia attacks New York City as he watches from his NYC office. More random and unexplainable events happen once he steps out to the city until he is noticed by the Columbian police and Dewitt has to fight his way through them.

Later on he meets Elizabeth – the girl he was supposed to rescue, but she is being protected by a large mechanical bird creature that is going to kill whoever lays hands on Elizabeth so he chases after them, but they manage to escape. Elizabeth has special powers, she can manage time and space tears and is able to make ‘windows’ to other places and realities. Booker seems shocked at first, but finds them useful later on. Elizabeth accompanies Booker Dewitt, our protagonist for the bigger part of the game and they fight hand in hand to defeat the evil followers.

Booker doesn’t fall short of Elizabeth super powers because of the vigors he finds and uses. These grant Booker (upon consumption) almost magical abilities to: possess enemies, shoot fire and manipulate water. A tad later, Booker kills (or spares, it’s your choice) his old friend and comrade from the army days and Elizabeth finds out about his plans to bring her back to NYC because of the debt. They fall in to conflict, but in a desperate situation Elizabeth opens up a space tear and saves Booker from falling to his death. They agree on a collaboration. They fight together and progress through the complicated universe of Columbia. At his final battle, Booker gets an instruction from Elizabeth and a whistler, both to help him control the songbird. Since they know that the only way to leave Columbia is through a tear, they need to break a siphon preventing that. The whistler and Songbird are used by Booker to destroy the siphon. However, the whistler breaks and Songbird becomes an instant enemy for Booker and Elizabeth. Somehow Elizabeth manages to transport our protagonist, herself and SongBird to Rapture, where the latter is killed by the pressure. And the ending, well. You can read about it on the ending article, right here at gamespedition.

Hope you enjoyed our interpretation of Booker Dewitt’s story and we hope to see you soon on our website. Cheers!


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