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Season's Beatings
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Code Avarice
Code Avarice

Season's Beatings is a one hit kill FPS. It focuses on players memorizing enemy patterns and planning a route through the level, though it can be played more frantically as a run and gun game.

The game's developer describes it as "first person Hotline Miami", which is apt as the game includes extremely similar enemy AI, similarly fast pacing, and shares many player mechanics such as throwing weapons to stun enemies. The game does include some of it's own twists such as a dive move, and it's own unique lineup of weapons.

The game contains 21 levels, as well as 8 weapons, some of which must be unlocked by playing the game.

The story has you "trapped at a never ending office Christmas party for by militant holiday fanatics", until the game begins and the protagonist decides to fight his way out of the situation.