Skyrim - How to duplicate Oghma Infinium – Tricks

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As far as everyone knows, Oghma Infinium is the ultimate tool in achieving the desired top-level character in TES:V Skyrim. To keep the game balanced, after reading it, the book disappears to the unknown, for another The Elder Scrolls installment character to find. But there is hope. Being a Betheseda game, Skyrim with sufficient knowledge and a bit of luck can be bugged to the oblivion(hehe). And Oghma Infinium bug is the most useful one for any ambitious one-hit kill players out there. Here is the trick: find the nearest bookshelf that you have, at your home. Breezome has a very comfortably placed one near the fireplace. Remove all the books that you may have in your bookshelf. Select the bookshelf. Go into your inventory and select the all powerful Oghma Infinium. As you select it(default key E), the book will open a prompt, in which you have to choose your path. Select “do nothing” and quickly press select button again. Now if you did it correctly and quickly, you just won yourself an extra Oghma Infiunum. Repeat infinitely...or at least while you can carry them. Good luck killing those puny dragons!

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