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Mafia II is a third-person open world action-adventure video game, which is set in 1940s and 1950s. There are around 40 original vehicles from those years in the game as well as well picked music from that era, which helps tremendously to feel like you are in indeed in 1940s or 1950s. There are also some famous guns from those years in the game, such as Colt 1911 or WWII-era weapons, such as Beretta Model 38. While interacting with objects in the world there are two types of action buttons, a standard one and a violent one. For example, when stealing a car if the player uses the violent action button it will break the car's glass, and if the normal one is used the character will pick the car's lock. The cover system is a big part of Mafia II and one of the biggest differences when compared to its predecessor. The feature that the original did not have is one of the core features in Mafia II, as while covering it is possible to shoot enemies, which gives great advantages in many situations throughout the game. The game has super graphics for a game that was released in 2010,  and definitely helps to make the players feel like a part of the Mafia world. Controls are simplistic but good enough both on feet and driving vehicles, that adds a lot to the fun. There are even missions where you have to race a car, and it was for sure a great idea, since controls of driving feel great. To see action of this classic masterpiece, you can watch the gameplay video provided below.

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