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Grand Theft Auto Five is one of the most sold games on the planet, and that’s for a good reason. It offers complete freedom to rob, race vehicles, cause havoc and carnage, or invest your time into some role-playing servers and custom lobbies. However, earning money on this game can prove a difficult task, especially for new players when the more experienced have everything in their arsenal.

One of the most efficient ways to gather funds for this online game is to team up with some friends and do some heists! It’s easily one of the most fun modes in GTA and provides some hilarious moments (Especially if your team-mates are incompetent). However, this isn’t an easy job. In-fact Rockstar said it was the most difficult heist in the whole of the Los Santos area, explaining that it takes both a lot of time and resources to be successful.

The heist can provide a serious pay-out as well, reaching a maximum of $2.1 million. This might be enough to get the squad together and have a good attempt at racking up some attempts! However, keep in mind that the more squad members you bring with you, the smaller your cut. So with all that in mind, we’ve devised a small guide to pull of the heist without a hitch!

How Good is This Mission?

Being one of the opening missions of GTA’s latest update, this heist is a one to not miss out on. If you’re completely new to heists in GTA, they are basically an activity that takes place online, where you essentially can plot out a robbery with friends and other online players. Through the most recent update, the Grand Diamond Casino is the primary target this time, and with the most recent update, there’s plenty of money to go around for everyone.

However, this isn’t just a case of rocking up with your friends in an all-out gunfight attempt at robbery. You’ll be challenged to create a diverse strategy as this heist is the hardest in GTA V history and shouldn’t be taken lightly. However, GTA has realised an array of new vehicles, which just so happen to make the perfect getaway vehicles! If this is making you want to commit robbery of a casino in real life, just stick to playing bingo with friends by visiting the Vinewood Casino built into the game for virtual thrills instead!

There are a few obstacles in the way before you fully commit to attempting the robbery. When you eventually have access to Lester’s secret underground base, you actually receive a whiteboard, which is absolutely essential for planning a heist of any type. Upon checking the blueprints, you’ll discover that there are around six different entrance points; The front door, side door, roof terrace, security tunnel, sewer and the roof. However, ensure that you have a plan of action before selecting your desired point of entrance.

Within the game itself, there are around three different types of a way that players can successfully rob a casino:

Stealthy Approach

If you’re a fan of the assassin’s creed franchise, this will 100% be your desired approach, as it involves sneaking around and keeping to the shadows during night gameplay. This rogue style approach requires a large amount of skill, and patience to pull off. Remember, there’s no room for error, as loud noises will trigger security measures and you’ll easily fail the heist all-together.

The Aggressive Approach

If you love an all guns blazing gameplay style, then this approach is most definitely for you. I mean we’ve all got at least one friend who just loves to charge headfirst into enemy lines with no intention of survival. It’s quite the heroic approach when you think about it, even If it is a stupid tacit in most games… However, make sure to follow this crucial advice; Ensure you have a getaway vehicle, make use of unmarked weapons, swipe vault key cards and acquire a hacking device. You can also pack some hard-core explosives, as this is the most aggressive style of approach, so pack some thermal charges and vault explosives!

The Big Con Approach

This is basically similar to the aggressive approach, but you get to take up fancy dress (just like Halloween!), which makes for a much more fun experience. It takes some of the seriousness out of the very serious game GTA V can become, creating a much more relaxed and enjoyable experience.

Your Crew

Now there must be an element of seriousness about this heist, as it is one of the hardest heists in GTA history, with others saying it’s the hardest by far. As mentioned, we all have that one team-mate that loves to just spray and pray, but even for the aggressive approach, this is a stupid idea. There still must be an element of surprise and precision to your approach.

However, you still have to recruit a crew, and you’ll be needing; a driver, gunman and a hacker. Now the skills of the crew very much depend on how much you pay-out

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