Far Cry Primal Tips

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Few Far Cry Primal tips are sometimes useful, especially at the beginning of the game when you are cast into this brutal and ancient world. Here are some Far Cry Primal guidelines:

  • Cover some story, so you unlock your abilities, characters and game features that will allow you to enjoy the game more.
  • Beast taming is beneficial - various animal species have different abilities. You should find what suits you the most and tame the animals. Once you’ve done that, you can use those abilities to aid you.
  • The upper tip is the reason why you should tame every animal of the species you encounter. You never know when the situation will arise and you will have to use a certain animal’s abilities (well, you can go without it but it would be way less trouble to just have the beast in your arsenal).
  • Hunting and gathering is useful in many ways. With the materials you acquire, you can heal yourself, you can build huts, and you can craft stuff. And it will all come in handy.
  • Fire is dangerous. You can set pretty much everything on fire. And fire is a powerful weapon to use in Far Cry Primal. However you shouldn’t forget that you can burn just as well as everything else around you. Make sure you don’t toast yourself.

There are many Far Cry Primal tips that can be useful, these are just a few probably most important ones.

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