Fallout 4 How to build C-3PO and R2-D2

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These are the droids you’re looking for! Now who doesn’t like a good crossover? With freshly released Fallout 4 DLC “Automatron”, today we’re going teach how to build your own C-3PO and R2-D2 from Star Wars movie universe! You’ll need your character to be level 15 (as the quest to build your own custom robot companion doesn’t start unless you’re level 15) and of course, the new “Automatron” DLC. What you’ll need first is to build your own Robot Workbench in Settlement building menu. That’ll be the place where we’ll create those two lovable droids from our favorite movie franchise. Start the building process by selecting your Robot Workbench and choosing the “New Automatron” button. You’ll need lots of materials (yes, adhesive too…) to create your two new best buds, and correct amount will be shown after pressing the “New Automatron” button. Hit select button to start building. Let’s begin with C-3PO first. First select the head. Assaultron Head will be the one you need. Add head armor and select Head Factory Hardened Armor next, because we don’t need our C-3PO dying on us, right? For Torso we will want Assaultron Torso. Next, select Front Torso Armor and Rear Torso armor and select Front Factory Armor and Rear Torso Armor, respectively. You see the pattern here, right? For Arms choose Assaultron Parts and Assaultron Factory Armor and Assaultron Claws too. For Claws frame choose Hydraulic Frame. With Legs we do the same, choose the Assaultron Parts and Factory Armor. In Voice section select Male Assaultron Voice. To give our C-3PO that C-3PO look, we need to finish with its signature yellow-gold color. Select Paint and choose Yellow Paint. Lastly, rename your new Automatron to your liking, but “C-3PO” would be a nice touch, wouldn’t it? Of course, how can we leave our new yellow buddy without his trusty friend R2-D2? Select “New Automatron” button again. For Head, choose Robobrain Head and for Head Armor choose Cyclops Helm. In Torso section select Robobrain Torso and in Armor section select Factory Armor (in both Front and Rear armor slots). In Torso Mod Section select Tesla Coils to give our R2-D2 that “bolty” look. In Arms section select Robobrain Arms and mod them with Hand Stun Mod. In Legs section select Robobrain Treads. For Waist Armor you’ll need Treads Mid Cruel Plate. Choosing voice shouldn’t be hard, our beep bloop friend will have Bleep Bright Voice. Paint your second friend with White Paint. If you’re on PC and want to go extra mile for authenticity
and nostalgia, open your console and type in “setscale 1.15” without quotation marks. Select R2-D2 with your mouse and hit enter. Voila, now you have two beloved droids from Star Wars universe. Time to scour for some ghouls!

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