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Fallout 3 has a really large amount of Easter eggs. Developers included a lot of references to films, books, other games, social events etc. Probably, players still have not found all hints and secrets. There are 118 paragraphs in the complete list of references; however, not all of them can be considered Easter eggs. We will reveal only the most iconic secrets related to well-known culture and games. But you can find your own references surely!

So, this article is divided into several sections each about certain art genre. Note also that we describe only secrets from the original game without add-ons.

Books Easter eggs

These references feature books, comics, and their authors from all over the world. We tried to collect only the most famous books here.

There is the side mission that features relations between vampires and common citizens. Humans live in Arefu, the same name has the village in Romania near the fortress of Vlad Tepes who is also known as Dracula. Vampires in Fallout 3 live at the metro station called Meresti. The same commune and cave are located in Romania, as well. One of the quest NPCs called Lucy West refers to the character from the novel Dracula.

A document from Irving Cheng’s terminal contains a phrase related to the most iconic motto of 1984 about Big Brother. Another redesigned phrase can be found in the terminal in Vault 92, it states that sanity isn’t statistical. Also, Vault 101 is an Easter egg related to Room 101 from the book where people were tortured for their thoughtcrimes.

  • Moby Dick.

Defender Morgan from Fort Independence talking about Owyn Lyons suddenly names him Ahab and reveals that he is chasing his own white whale. It’s the obvious Easter egg which features Captain Ahab. You can pass a check to continue the dialogue. Then Morgan will be surprised by your knowledge about Moby Dick.

  • The Road.

Fallout 3 may feature a lot of post-apocalyptic settings but developers claimed that they used the novel The Road as Pierian spring. There are several references, however, the most straightforward is strange meat pieces that you can find almost everywhere. Cannibals from Andale who cook such meat also refer to The Road where cannibalism is quite common.

  • Ray Bradbury.

The house related to McClellan family as well as phrases of Carol in Underworld are references to Bradbury’s tale There Will Come Soft Rains. This building is also acting like an Easter egg to McClellan family from famous Bradbury’s book Fahrenheit 451.

There are Mentats in the Dune series of novels. This name is given to humans who are exploited as living computers. However, Mentats in Fallout 3 can boost the character’s attributes related to the brain activity.

  • P. Lovecraft.

Dunwich Building and the strange obelisk inside as well as the story described in documents from this location are all references to Lovecraft’s setting about Cthulhu. We recommend visiting this place for all fans!

Films Easter eggs

Here we provide references to popular films, TV series and all their features. Only well-known examples are described, as usual. 

  • Mad Max.

Probably, the most referred setting in the game. The final picture where your hero walks along with Dogmeat looks like the same image from Mad Max 2. Furthermore, Dogmeat is a Blue Heeler same as the dog of Max. Lord Humungus has a few references, for example, in the Little Lamplight. Leather armor design also refers to equipment of Mad Max from the 2nd film. Armor of raiders looks like bandits’ equipment from these films, as well. 

If Liberty Prime’s name isn’t enough for you, listen to phrases of this giant robot. One of his replies sounds like the famous phrase about liberty originally voiced by Optimus Prime. Developers claimed that they didn’t plan to create this Easter egg but they can add it subconsciously. We believe them.

  • 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Security cameras spectating your actions somewhere in the world of Fallout 3 has the similar design as the HAL 9000, AI from the titled film. Well, the design isn’t exact so far as there are copyrights and so on.

  • Blade Runner.

The Replicated Man mission in Rivet City is a total reference to Blade Runner and androids from this setting. This quest is pretty cool, as well. Also, Fawkes can tell you that «It’s time to die» which is another Easter egg related to Leon from the film.

  • The Hulk.

Some phrases that can be heard from Mister Gutsy refer to The Incredible Hulk series. Also, you can spot the image related to Nerd Rage! perk which is more obvious Easter egg. It features the moment when Bruce turns into the Hulk.

  • The Simpsons.

You can spot television or radio receivers of the Radiation Kings brand during your adventures. Also, there is a store with the same name in ruins of D.C. This brand created Homer’s TV in his childhood. This secret appeared in the Fallout movie firstly.

  • The Shining.

The 3rd floor of Tenpenny Tower may surprise you with a tricycle and a broken chair in the corridor. Walls are splashed with blood in this corridor. This scene refers to the similar one from The Shining movie but not from the novel.

  • X-men.

There is Adamantium Skeleton perk which refers to the feature of Wolverine who has the same improved skeleton. Sometimes super mutants can say that they are future which is the obvious Easter egg to an important role of mutants from X-men universe.

Billy Creel in Megaton has the locked safe. You should type «15, 16, 23, 42» combination to unlock it. Seems familiar? Well, it’s a part of the iconic code from Lost series. A first part that you can remember is «4, 8».

  • Star Trek.

Here we have another setting with a lot of Easter eggs in Fallout 3. There are various redesigned phrases from original series but they are pretty slight. Also, one of the endings where you decide to sacrifice yourself refers to the sacrifice of Spock at the end of the 2nd film.

Games Easter eggs

Developers of Fallout 3 remember their roots, so various Easter eggs feature previous Fallout games and authors of them.

  • Fallout 1 and Fallout 2.

There are many references to both previous games, really a lot! For example, Dogmeat that can become your best companion refers to Dogmeat follower from Fallout 2. Harold from Oasis is our old friend who appeared both in Fallout 1 and Fallout 2. But now the ghoul with a strange sapling on his head turned into the huge talking tree and wants to die finally. Also, there are references to Black Isle Studios and Interplay, companies who worked on previous games. One of the plaques in the Museum of Technology reveals the story of the ship called Ebon Atoll which was destroyed by the submarine Interference. Yeah, it’s the story about relations between Black Isle Studios and their parents, Interplay. Oh, the obelisk in the Chevy Chase refers to the logo of Interplay, as well.

  • The Elder Scrolls series.

Guys from Bethesda just cannot forget about their other well-known universe. Look for a utility pole near Big Town located in the center of the map. It features the 4th part of TES series so far as you can read «TES-04» on it.

Music Easter eggs

Popular culture also is reflected in this game. We describe the most interesting references to music groups and specific songs or albums.

  • AC/DC.

Devil’s Highway perk refers to the song Highway to Hell by AC/DC obviously.

  • Led Zeppelin.

Escalator to Heaven perk refers to the song Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin, as well.

As far as Vault 92 was designed for outstanding musicians, there you can find archives with residents’ names including Gordie Sumner. That is the real name of Sting.

  • The Beatles.

Charon can sometimes say that he finds happiness in a warm gun that refers to the same song by The Beatles.

General and culture Easter eggs

Finally, Fallout 3 has various secrets related to mythology, history and the world at all. These Easter eggs cannot be considered as parts of the previous sections.

  • Coca-Cola.

Maybe, that’s the first Easter egg which you will find. Nuka-Cola brand in the world of Fallout 3 is the game’s version of Coca-Cola brand from our universe. Nuka-Cola Quantum bottles include twice the ingredients of regular drink when Coca-Cola C2 had half the ingredients in the real world. Also, an addiction to Nuka-Cola is a reference to the fact that the original Coca-Cola receipt contained cocaine.

  • American Civil War.

Several NPCs in the game was named after real persons related to this period. Hannibal Hamlin who was Lincoln’s vice president, Bill Seward, Caleb Smith, and Simone Cameron who were secretaries. Leroy Walker was a confederate who started the Civil War.

  • Nuclear bombs.

The wonderful gun called Fat Man use mini nukes as ammunition. However, Fat Man is also the name of a nuclear bomb dropped on Nagasaki. That’s why this gun has the name Nuka Launcher in the Japanese version of Fallout 3.

  • Hindu culture.

Two-headed cows called brahmins refer to Brahmins from India. As well, cows are sacred animals for all Indians. These facts and Easter eggs provoked Indian government, so the version of Fallout 3 for India doesn’t feature brahmins name.

  • Greek mythology.

There are robot Cerberus, ghoul and possible companion Charon, hostile monsters centaurs and location Underworld in the game. Hope, you know what these names mean in Greek mythology.

  • Norse mythology.

Slaver Ymir and his son Jotun from Paradise Falls refer to frost giants from Norse mythology. Info about raider Thor can be found in Dunwich Building. Yes, we all know who Thor is. Hope so.

  • Chinese mythology.

Xuanlong in China is the most powerful dragon. That’s why the Xuanlong rifle appeared in Fallout 3 deals more damage than regular Chinese rifles.

  • Guy Fawkes.

Your possible companion Fawkes states that he was named after a man who died for what he believed in. It’s a reference to Gay Fawkes for sure.

  • Occam’s Razor.

The title refers to the famous principle that requires removing additional entities if you don’t need them. Occam’s Razor is a weapon in Fallout 3, of course.

Well, these Easter eggs are the most interesting and the easiest to find. Explore the Wasteland and find your own secrets!

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