How to get X-01 Power Armor Set - Fallout 4

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Today we’ll show you how to get X-01, the most durable suit of power armor in the game. Now, remember – this is the ONLY way on how to get it. Of course, unless you like that console button more than a fair gameplay and hardship of getting something you want the MORAL way…All right. First, fast travel to Custom Tower House. Now, don’t go inside, instead turn to your left and go straight. You’ll see a green building and on the side of it you’ll see a huge “35”. Enter it. Kill all your enemies inside and hit the elevators. You’ll reach the top of the tower. Now here’s the catch – to actually get the armor to spawn, you’ll have to be level 30 or high. If you’re lower than that level, older variants of the armor might spawn. Back to the armor. When you get to the top, you’ll be greeted by two automatrons. Kill them. Behind both of them there is a red button. Press them, and the armor in all its galore will appear before the door that you’ve just opened. Happy hunting!

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