Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Money Making Guide

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As in any other Assassin’s Creed game you will lack money in AC Liberation sooner or later. Are money really important in this game? I’m not too sure. I’ve completed all the main story without thinking about earning additional écu even once. Those I’ve earned while completing the missions were more than enough. But you will need extra amount of money if you want to get all the possible guns, buy pocket watches, ammo or customize your outfits and buy all the closed shops around the New Orleans and the Bayou.

If there is only a small sum you are lacking, I would recommend stealing. Choose a district in New Orleans where many rich-looking citizens are walking around and pickpocket the last écu out of them. Some people will only have a few coins on them but you will encounter citizens that have quite considerable sums in their pockets. Stealing is easy and it will also give you Thief trophy after you’ve stolen 5000 écu.

If you are in need for money just to get yourself some ammon, it’s easier (and way cheaper) just to kill some guards and loot them. They have all kinds of good stuff on them (and being dead they don’t need that anyway, right?). Your notoriety will increase after such actions, that is true. However if you kill everyone in Assassin’s persona, you will only have to bribe the magistrate to reduce the notoriety (don’t forget to steal the money you bribed the magistrate with back from him).

However if you are after larger sums of money in AC Liberation, the trading system will come in handy. Making money here is rather simple, you just got to have some funds to begin with. Then you get some ships, load them with profitable cargo and send them off to the harbors where the goods they carry will be sold for the best price. Don’t forget to evaluate the risks of such journeys, sometimes the safer and cheaper route is better. However the storms or pirates will do no harm to your ships, you are only risking the cargo.

Buying eight ships will grant you with Shipmaster trophy and it will also allow you to earn écu real quick. All you have to do is send some ships, wait… then wait some more and there you are. Money’s on your table.

The only drawback is that you can use this trading system only from your headquarters or shops, meaning, if you’re stuck in a middle of a swamp in the Bayou you will have to run back to more civilized lands in order to take care of your ships business. And in my personal opinion this makes sense. No fast traveling to random spots, no trading system access unless you’re in the right place. That seems so historically correct and that is satisfying, even though it sometimes gets boring to run around a lot. But it really makes sense and immersion into the troubled times of 18th century.

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