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Comparing to the other games in AC series that had outstanding cities with high level architectural details and were in general interesting to roam in, AC3's New York and Boston are pain in the a.. well you know.

Assassin’s Creed III cities are rather dull and monotonous - no impressive buildings to climb, which makes me thankful that now you can reveal the map just by running through the area - no need to sync every viewpoint (because who on earth would like to climb all alike buildings more than once to see an all gray and boring city landscape?). Underground is an interesting addition to the city life. At least it seems so at first. There is ridiculously little action going down there (2 guards that are way too easy to put down once in a while doesn't really count, right?). But it may be good for the maze lovers - there is stuff to reveal in the underground, and secrets to uncover there.

So I'd say the cities suck. What doesn't suck? The nature. Great deal of action takes place outside the cities where the environments are just amazing and changing when traveling from one area to another. We get ability to climb trees, jumping from one branch to another, we get some wildlife to hunt (don't forget that this wildlife can also hunt you down - seriously, predators do attack, be prepared when roaming the woods) and we also get a seasons change which is great (I like snow).

Main mission of Assassin’s Creed III will take you to the times of America's freedom fights. Plot is interesting and has several unexpected turns that take you in even more. Oh, and don't forget the naval missions! I won’t say a thing about them, naval missions are just goddamn awesome. There aren’t much ways to upgrade the ship (barely any, truly), but the sea adventures are something to look forward to.

Side tasks however are a completely different story. Even though we have some really great missions going on here (saving people from bad guys, tracking down raging animals, liberation missions (!)) some of them are way too lame (won't spoil it for you, I don't want to make it even more boring to get through).

Now the main character in AC3. We get to know another assassin who belongs to the creed. Who is he? Does he have a colorful personality? Is he a badass rebel? Is he a passionate fighter for good or evil?


No, he is not. Not even in the slightest. This guy literally has no personality, which makes it hard to believe his cause (imagine killing a templar and regretting that because, you know, the last words of the poor fellow sound quite convincing when compared to our lame protagonist's ideas).

This sheepish guy carries around pretty nice stock of weapons, though (or rather you can get him that in time) and he also can get good-looking outfits. Oh, and he has some cool new moves in fight! We also have a decent set of tools that we can be use in various circumstances when hunting animals and people. All that really helps to forget how lame his personality is.

What’s left? Nowadays. And nowadays suck in Assassin’s Creed, you knew that already. A lot of cutscenes to go through and lame action to complete. I don’t know...are there really people who like that? Not me.

All in all Assassin’s Creed III is a good experience. The game provides you with a huge open world to discover, while interesting main mission and naval quests saves the day and makes you forget about the drawbacks. So fellow assassins don't forget to serve the light.

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