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Monsters & Monocles
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Monsters & Monocles is a twin-stick action game with a strong emphasis on co-op play. It features a Victorian-steampunk theme and aesthetic that runs throughout it's selection of weapons, items, playable characters, enemy designs, and it's various procedural levels.

During gameplay, gold is collected by opening chests and destroying enemies. If a level and it's boss are successfully defeated, gold can be brought back to the airship HUB area and used to upgrade relics. Relics are collectible items that offer boosts or abilities. Collected and upgraded relics are permanent, and persist across different runs. Up to any three unlocked relics can be equipped at a given time.

The game features a high enemy count, and limited space, meaning that movement, weapon management and use of the recharging dash ability are key in successfully advancing through levels. Instead of weapon specific ammo, the game features an overheat mechanic. Once overheated, weapons cannot be used until they successfully cool down, forcing players to either wait, or switch to another weapon.

When playing co-op, a single pool of lives are shared across all players. When a player looses their health and is killed, they must be revived by other players by shooting their tombstone. The game can be played singe player, or with up to 4 players either locally, or online.

The game released on Steam Early Access on August 16th 2016.