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Maybot Run
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Bloodline Games


Maybot Run was first annouced in August 2017 for a 19th October 2017 release on Steam (PC),, and Google Play (Android). The game is developed by Bloodline Games Ltd and is a satirical infinite runner with hidden depths.


The player controls Maybot and must run for as long as possible gaining a higher score by collecting a variety of objects including tax, wheat, and votes. The player must jump over and slide under obstacles and enemies. The player can build up their naughtiness meter which, when full, allows them to transform into their 'ultimate form' and shoot. The player must fight bosses using their shoot ability to allow them to progress to the next level. In the game the player can collect votes. These votes can be spent in the in-game shop to buy upgrades, new characters, and artwork. The game also has cheats to unlock and achievements and a leader-board on all platforms.


The game takes a satirical look at British politics. Although many of the jokes in the game are based around British politics and the various Conservative governments the game can easily be played without any knowledge of the subject.