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Knocky Balls
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The goal of the game is to throw balls at blocks, and knock down the blocks as fast as possible.

Game Play

The level begins with a scene with stacks of blocks. Tapping the screen throws a ball at the blocks. The ball starts from the position of the tap.

When a block falls on the ground, the score is increased by 1 point. The block disappears after a short period of time.

The screen displays the score and the target score needed to complete the current level. (Ex: "10/100" is 10 current points and 100 points to complete the level.)

The number of points to complete a level increases by 100 with each level. The progress is saved when a level is completed. There are an unlimited number of levels.

The screen also displays the remaining time in minutes and seconds. There are always 3 minutes to beat a level. When the time runs out, the game is over, and all progress is lost.

The game can be paused by tapping the pause button (and resumed by pressing the same button.)

The X button on the screen will quit the game and return to the main menu. The progress is saved at the time the button is pressed.

Main Menu

New Game - starts the game over from the first level

Resume Game - continues the game from the most recently defeated level