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ICEBOX: Speedgunner is a fast-paced shooter (FPS) developed by Games Of Edan, released for the PC (via Steam) on October 18, 2017.

Initially trapped in solitary confinement, the player is challenged with escaping a Matrix-like prison known as the ICEBOX before it's permanently shut down. They must race the clock, hunt the Central AI and escape it's labyrinth, to top the global and become the Ultimate Speedgunner. Inspired by the "Brain in a Vat" thought-experiment, games including , , and movies like , and The Running Man, the game explores the concept of escaping your own virtual prison.

Main Campaign

The sees the player racing through 20+ levels, using run-and-gun gameplay and mechanics (including , and ) to reach the exit teleporter as quickly as possible, whilst maintaining high and Technitium. As the player progresses through the , the Central AI (which controls the ICEBOX) tries to protect itself, and it's network, by presenting the player with harder obstacles, including Sentinel . The player is assisted by an outside hacker, receiving audio cues about upcoming , packs and weapons. To complete the main campaign, the player must hunt and destroy the Central AI, then escape the ICEBOX in a final run to the last exit teleporter.


After completing the initial , the player unlocks the Marathons, which combine the main campaign into a single level. Marathons can be up to 100kms in length, without any loading screens.

Marathons include a to save progress. If the player dies after reaching a checkpoint, the game reloads at the most recent checkpoint. Players can also manually restart their run at any time from the most recent checkpoint.

When starting a new marathon, the player can enter a world seed, to generate a unique world layout. Each layout follows a standard theme, concluding with the final battle against the Central AI.

Quick Games

After completing the initial , the player unlocks a number of Quick Games, exploring different ideas and mechanics not specifically included in the main campaign. All quick games allow for user-defined world seeds to generate unique world layouts.

These include:

  • Zen Mode: A level which contains no enemies, arena or hub zones. Just a simple free-flowing platforming level where the player races and double-jump towards to exit teleporter.
  • Arena Mode: A level full of small arena/hub zones filled with AI Sentinels.
  • Helix Mode: A level where the player finds and disables the Helix Nodes to sabotage a network shutdown. This level is similar to a later level in the main campaign.
  • Sensor Mode: A level where the player reactivates Sensor Fields to progress. Sensor Fields are trigger points that the player must navigate through to load the nearby network.
  • Hacker Mode: A level where players hacks Terminals to unlock secure doors. The hacking mini-game requires the player learn a short code displayed to them & then enter that code via an on-screen Keypad. The codes become longer when playing on harder difficulties.
  • Hunted Mode: A level where the player starts with no weapon. They must use their special Glitch ability to shield themselves from damage.
  • Super Jump Mode: A level where the player has unlimited jumps. This unique ability changes the entire gameplay because the player can now cut any corners or stay out of range or enemy attackers. However they must be more careful to avoid fall damage.

Game Plus

After successfully completing the main campaign, the player unlocks , where they can replay the campaign levels, starting with all weapons, unlimited jumps, and a new ability.

All Game+ levels accept a unique world seed to generate an unlimited number of unique world layouts.

Special Abilities

The player has a called Glitch, which and , and engages protective . The player can use this ability at any time, each usage costing the player some Technitium. So the player must manage their resources to use this ability and score highly on the .

The player also starts with the ability. It costs no resources to use and is extremely useful in allowing the player to cut corners, navigate platforms and fight enemies. When used in combination with Glitch, the player is presented with a lot of flexibility to strategize their attacks and navigation.

The player can also down slopes, which occurs automatically if the player is running. It provides some fun ways to navigate the environment.

, while not technically a player ability, are an incredibly useful technique for boosting the player score, especially when multiple headshots are chained together. Each successive headshot will force Sentinels to eject more Technitium, eventually ejecting weapons and health packs after the player reaches 5+ headshots in a row.


The main resource in the game is called Technitium, a yellow cube of energy, used as ammunition for all the player weapons, and for the player's special Glitch ability. Technitium is automatically attracted and collected by the player once they get close. Alternatively, players can use the interact command to pick up Technitium, should it be in a hard-to-reach location.

Obstacles & Environments

The player unlocks a number of obstacles and environments throughout the campaign. The game's difficulty increases as it combines multiple obstacles and environments to challenge the player in a variety of ways, from platforming challenges to area shootouts against the Sentinels.

Obstacles include:

  • Sentinel AI (guards)
  • Mines
  • Lasers
  • Plasma Fields
  • Sliding Platforms
  • Falling Platforms
  • Projectile Launchers
  • Exploding Crates
  • Boosters
  • Helix Nodes
  • Disabled Sensor Fields
  • Terminals


The player unlocks new weapons throughout the main campaign.

Starting Laser Pistol

A short-range, low-damage, single-shot weapon. The player finds this weapon outside their starting prison cell. The pistol uses 1 Technitium/shot.

Laser Rifle

A medium-range, medium-damage weapon that can be used in single-shot or burst-mode. Single-shot costs 1 Technitium/shot, while burst-mode uses 3 Technitium/burst.


A short-range, high-damage, large-force weapon, using 2 Technitium/shot.


A medium-range, medium-damage weapon that operates in single-shot or automatic fire modes.


A short-range, medium-damage weapon with a wide cone of damage. An excellent weapon for clearing out rooms full of mines.

Sniper Rifle

A long-range, high-damage, single-shot weapon with a short cooldown limiting its ability to be rapidly fired.

Photon Blaster

A medium-range, high-damage, weapon that fires a projectile blast which explodes on impact, damaging any nearby enemies.

Network Gun

A long-range, high-damage weapon, which fires a blast exploding on impact. Especially useful when reactivating Sensor Fields, sabotaging Helix Nodes and attacking the Central AI.


The are an integral part of the game, helping players measure their mastery of each level against a global/friends list. By playing the game more efficiently, faster, and maintaining higher health and resources, the player can improve upon their score and climb the rankings. Playing on harder difficulty levels increases the score multiplier, but also affect the Sentinel accuracy and loot drops.

Upon finishing each level, the player's score is calculated and uploaded to the global leaderboards. Scores are derived using the player's remaining , Technitium, Difficulty level and Completion Time.

System Requirements

PC Minimum

  • Operating System: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Core Duo 2Ghz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: VRAM 512MB
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Network: Internet connection for leaderboards
  • Storage: 400MB available space
  • Notes: SSD, 1080p 60Hz+ Monitor, Mouse/Keyboard highly recommended

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