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Great Gun Gauntlet
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Great Gun Gauntlet is the first released project developed by GoldenCrab Studios. The game was developed using the Unity Engine and started as a practice project before eventually turning into a more complete and playable demo over roughly one year of development.

In Great Gun Gauntlet (Alpha Demo) players control a small robot in a testing facility, the game's goal is to survive as long as possible and/or to collect as many points as possible all while the conveyors on either side of the testing chamber bring in many kinds of obstacles ranging from simple boxes to deadly lasers. As the name implies, the obstacles the game is most focused around are the gun turrets which will litter the chamber with bullets.

The game is currently in Alpha (Version 0.6.1) and offers a free demo available on both PC and Mac, the demo contains a limited number of features compared to the eventual final version but will not restrict play time and can be played as much as desired once downloaded.