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Feral Fury
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Feral Fury is a 2D twin-stick shooter roguelite in the vein of games like Enter, and . It was developed by Skandivania and released on Steam for PC, Linux and Mac on May 3, 2017, and Xbox One on August 30, 2017.


Thousands of years after mankind destroyed itself fighting for oil, the remaining species of the first earth has evolved and spread across the universe looking for new homes. The two dominent powers are the Panda Empire and the Hellhog Horde. The Hogs, once bred for food during the age of humans, have become a proud and fierce warrior race, determined to not let history repeat itself. The Pandas on the other hand, have gone from close to extinction to overpopulating their homes and turning entire planets into bamboo plantations. The game chronicles the beginning of the battle of Hellhog, and opens with the 3d battalion panda marines, aboard the starship Shaanxi IV, preparing for invasion.


Feral Fury is a fast-paced shooter with dodge roll mechanics, procedurally-generated stages, permanent upgrades and +100 items and powerups. Each of the five chapters are split into three stages and a boss fight. The goal in each stage is to find the red keycard which opens the teleporter to the next one. There are treasure chests, item crates, hidden rooms, stores and more to be discovered on each stage in order to gain powers and become stronger.

Playable characters


Panda Marine


Admiral Pawgarr

Shotgun, Unlimited Ammo, Temporary HP

Rose the Red

Pulse Rifle, Unlimited Ammo, Temporary HP

The Traitor

Plasma Rifle, Hand Grenades

NPC Merchants

Each stage has a store selling three random items. Unlocking the Shop 2.0 upgrade, adds more items to the store item pool. Killing the shopkeeper allows the player to take all items for free, but will result in all stores being closed for the rest of the run.

The middle stage of each chapter also has a second store, unlocked with one of four special keys. Once unlocked, these stores will remain open forever. The special stores uses orbs as currency, instead of coins, and specializes in one type of items each. If killed, the shopkeepers of the special stores will also drop rare helmets.

Opening the special door on stage 1-1, gives the player access to teleporters which are activated by defeating bosses (normal mode only), as well as unlocking the red panda trader, who may show up in certain locations throughout each run, offering to trade items.


Regular shopkeeper - The one smoking cigarr drops a special key if killed


Sells Scrolls – Drops Farmer helmet if killed


Sells Drones – Drops Haggler helmet if killed


Sells weapons – Drops Obmar helmet if killed

Brother Cow

Plays Guitar

Red Panda

Trades items – May drop HP but dissapears for the rest of the run if killed