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Death Toll
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Death Toll is a game created by . The game blends elements of battle royale, capture the flag and survival games. The game is a first person shooter but has a heavy focus on vehicle combat. There are several weaponized pilot-able vehicles in the game such as tanks, jets, helicopters and boats.

Players are dropped into a large open world, and need to scavenge for weapons, survival items and mechanical parts needed to repair vehicles which appear all over the map in various states of functionality.

The player's primary goal is to collect four special items and be the first to leave the island. To accomplish this goal the use of a functional water or air vehicle is required due to the fact that the map is an island. If a player tries to leave the island without possessing the four special items they are killed instantly.

The players positions are not visible on the map, but the location of the four special items is (approximately), even when they are in another player's inventory. For this reason when a player attains one or more of the special items other players become aware of their position and a target of the other players.