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Corn Maze
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The goal of Corn Maze is to maneuver the tractor to the end of the maze, while avoiding the ghosts and skeletons.


The Tractor

Tapping the screen moves the tractor. The tractor will move towards the tap. For example, tapping to the right of the tractor will move the tractor to the right.

Inhabitants of the Maze

The game is over if the tractor runs into one of these creatures:


The ghosts fly back and forth in the maze. They can fly through the walls of the maze.


The skeletons wander the maze. They cannot walk through walls.


The tractor can use its laser to zap the ghosts or skeletons. Tapping a ghost or skeleton will cause the tractor to zap it with a laser, if the tractor has at least one shot remaining.

The tractor begins the game with 3 shots. The tractor can get more shots by picking up lightning bolts that are scattered around the maze.

The number of lasers carries over to the next level, but the number will reset back to 3, if the tractor has fewer than 3 lasers at the end of the level. The number of lasers is displayed at the top of the screen, next to the lightning bolt.

Progress and Levels

Progress is automatically saved after each level. This includes the number of lasers.

Losing a level will reset the progress back to Level 1, with 3 lasers.

The levels are random. Each level is different every time it's played.

Main Menu

New Game - starts over at Level 1

Resume Game - resumes play at the most recently achieved level.

Pausing and Quitting

The game can be paused by pressing the pause button (and be resumed by pressing the same button).

The X button on the screen will exit the game, and return to the Main Menu. The currently saved progress will not change.