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Inspired by some of the developer's favorite games ( and ) Blackfaun is a top down action-RPG game, with an emphasis on -style combat and environments, enemies, equipment, and bosses.

Development history

Development of Blackfaun started in April 2013, and is slated to be released through 's on December 3, 2015. Final release is set for Q2 2016. The game has two credited developers - with Paul "Spline" Phillips as a Programmer/Designer, and Tim McMahon as an Artist/Designer. The game's composer is Varien, and Bombadeer Studios is its sound designer.


Blackfaun drops the player into the role of Eri, a sent on a mysterious quest by her parents. The game has a feel with style advancement. Players traverse the environment while fighting enemies. The player's primary attack is a projectile (default left-click) and secondary attack is a mana burst (default right click) which primarily pushes enemies away from the player. The levels are divided up into rooms, separated by portals (usually doors) that act as pacing mechanisms. Equipment is collected or discovered in secret rooms, from slain bosses, and purchased from a merchant. Each level concludes with an encounter with , Eri's brother in which the plot unfolds through their dialog.


The environments in the game are Lyrewood Vale and Duskhaven Sanctuary, each with its own set of enemies and bosses. Lyrewood Vale is a forest inhabited by goblins while Duskhaven Sanctuary is an abandoned temple inhabited by spirits and wraiths.


  • Lyrewolf - The basic enemy, runs after the player and is feared upon ally death.
  • Stoneblade Grunt - A quick, -style enemy that occasionally stops to catch it's breath
  • Dreameater - A enemy that casts pools of darkness on the player.
  • Goblin Totem - A immobile style enemy that shoots directional projectiles.
  • Warbrute - A hulking -style enemy that hits hard but is very slow. Casts frenzy on nearby allies when hit.
  • Wolfwarden - A style enemy that summons ghost Lyrewolves and lays traps


Through out the game, players will find treasure chests that contain equipment which can go into one of five slots: Head, Chest, Jewelry, Weapon, and Offhand. Each inventory slot is tied to a different mechanic. Head items upgrade Lex, Eri's companion. Chest items give passive player bonuses such as lowered radius. Jewelry grants passive utility bonuses such as marking points of interest on the . Weapons effect how the player attacks, changing the players projectile to bursts, beams, or detonated projectiles. Offhands change the mana burst, give it a longer range or duration, for example.

Player Advancement

When the player defeats an enemy, he or she is granted . As more experience is gained, the player . When the player gains a level, 5 stat points are granted which the player can assign to one of 3 primary stats, Agility, Intelligence, or Vitality.

  • Agility - increases move speed, attack speed, and chance.
  • Intelligence - increases base damage, magic , and shot range.
  • Vitality - increases shot explosion size, physical resistance, and shot piercing chance.

System Requirements (Windows)

Blackfaun has low system requirements, but for optimal performance more is recommended:

    • OS: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8
    • Processor: Dual Core 2.0 Ghz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia 400 or Equivalent
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 2 GB available space