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Battlerite is an arena team brawler with skill-based gameplay and lots of action. In Battlerite two teams of 2 or 3 players are pited against each other in an arena-like maps, where players duke it out until death. Players can choose from various different characters that are classified into melee, ranged or support. Before the match starts players got 60 seconds to choose their battlerites, which strengthens the abilities that the characters already have. There are healing and energy orbs scattered across the arenas, which are a great help, however taking them is not always a good idea as positioning in this game really important. There is one big orb that grants a lot of energy in the middle of every arena. Unlike other obs, this one has to be killed, team with last hit on it gets 50 energy, which is really a lot, therefore  teams often play around the orb to get the advantage. Energy is used for stronger abilities. Every character has 5 abilities that do not require energy and 4 that require energy, one of them is the ultimate ability. The game is fast paced and skill based, no purchases can increase power of your character. Micro transactions are in the game only for visual cosmetic changes. To see Battlerite gameplay action, you can watch the video provided below.

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