Airmen (0)

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Airmen is a multiplayer first-person shooter set on player built airships. Players can pilot the ship, man the guns, or board an enemy airship with a crew of up to 5. Matches can consist of up to 4 ships per team and can be played vs human or AI controlled airships.


All airships are built from up to 700 individually destructible pieces from a growing catalog of 100+ parts. Ships can be outfitted with fixed cannon broadsides, player-manned turrets, or AI controlled auto-turrets of multiple varieties. Ship roles vary massively from 30k broadside behemoths slugging through the skies to maneuverable 5k boarding ships loaded to the brim with boarding charges and grappling hooks.

Ship movement can be uniquely tailored using any number of propellers, ballasts, and rudders to emphasize the maneuverability that matters most. Every functional component placed draws steam pressure and a ship's vital engines must be well protected or highly redundant, lest the respawn chambers go unpowered.


Airmen has two core game modes: Escort and Siege. Siege pits a human controlled fleet of up to four airships against waves of enemy AI ships. Each siege map has a unique commandeerable "fort" including a floating repair base, abandoned excavator, and helium extraction well.

Escort, the core PvP mode, pits two teams of up to 4 airships with crews of up to 5 players against each other. Victory can be achieved by boarding and controlling the helm of all airships in the match, destroying the balloons and grounding all enemy vessels, destroying the engines and leaving the ship pressureless, muscling the capture point to the opposite side of the map, or permanently killing all enemy airmen.

Airships can be outfitted with weapons such as cannons, gatling guns, rail guns, and harpoon guns of both fixed and turreted variety. A ship's weapon loadout can be uniquely tailored to the builder's desires.

Man on man combat includes melee and ranged weapons such as axes, knives, revolvers and rifles. The player usable grappling hooks help score flashy trick shots and start boarding action.


All airship parts are unlocked at the beginning of the game so players can dive right into the airship building experience. Through regular play, players can complete challenges such as "Boarding Knife Kills", "Revolver Headshots", or "Longneck Cannon Propellers Destroyed" to unlock unique cosmetics from a charming cowboy hat to a steam powered boarding axe.