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Ace of Seafood
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PC PlayStation 4
AGM Playism

Do you have what it takes to become the Ace of Seafood?

In the future, man has disappeared and the Earth has been flooded. Human souls have been reincarnated as fish with the ability to shoot air bullets, homing scales, and plasma cannons, and are in an everlasting war over reefs. Take your squadron of 6 fish/crustaceans/battleships and become the Ace of Seafood.


As you kill enemies, you collect their DNA. Once you collect 100% of their DNA you're able to use up resources that you also obtain from killing enemies to breed that species. Each fish has a capacity and resource cost that can be increased by killing fish and taking over reefs, so don't sweat when you see a big red "COST OVER" message over a fish when you're upgrading your squad.

Each fish has a separate experience bar that can be filled up by collecting the rewards after killing fish (It will automatically float towards you like a magnet, and it only gives experience to the fish that collects it) or by spending resources to manually give experience in the reef menu. Filling up the experience bar increases both the health and damage of the fish, as well as unlocking a new ability for a few species.

SPOILERS Here is an image album of you are able to fight and breed.

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There are a total of 39 reefs in the game. Each reef has a set number and species of fish defending it that you must defeat before being able to take control. There are also a small number of Natural Reefs that are free to take without any defending fish. Each reef adds a set number of capacity points, with Natural Reefs having a slightly lower addition to the total capacity of your squadron.


Once you finish the game, you are able to continue playing and be invaded by AI squadrons uploaded by other players who have also finished the game. As you defeat each squad, you receive 1 additional reef you can stack on controlled reefs for additional total capacity. However, the total capacity only affects that particular reef and is not map-wide. If you wish to spawn a squad that exceeds the default total capacity with all 39 reefs controlled, you will have to spawn at that particular reef you've stacked your additional points on.

Surprising Facts

- There are certain fish that perform much better in your hands, while others are better off in the hands of the AI! For example, the Leopard Seal AI does nothing but grab and nudge you around for no damage, while in your hands the Leopard Seal is the most powerful unit in the game.

- Terrain is destructible! Make your own tunnels! Topple (sea) mountains! Reefs not included.