Dead Rising (PC): review

The Dead Rising is a survival zombie horror game, developed by Capcom studios. The game was released in 2016, 13 of September, and it was inspired by a lot of zombie movies. This game is not only a horror video game, it also has a sense of humor - but that it's not the only reason why it is unique.

You are playing like a photojournalist Frank West, who want to figure out what happen to the town. By using weapons, tools and all other stuff you have to fight with the zombies. The funny thing is that you can use everything what you will find in shopping malls, like a skateboard or a fish so your creativity is the best gun for a zombie. But zombies like to come in huge waves, so always be ready for it. Especially you can feel it, then the sun goes down, and then an action becomes more intention. There is also an ability to create your character image as you like, because you can dress Frank West with all clothes in the shop.

You always have to hurry up, because you have only 72 hours to beat the zombies and discover the secret of them. You also have not to forget to do a photojournalist's work, like making pictures because of that you can earn more chances to survive. Pictures has a lot of categories, like Horror, Comedy or Erotic, so do not hesitate to take an interesting picture- it can save you. The game also has an interesting character, with which you will have some ridiculous situations. That's makes the game more exciting, because in the one moment you feel scary, but after a few seconds you start to laugh. So if you want to get some intense horror, but also to have fun, let's begin the game!


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