Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Gameplay

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Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is stealth based action video game. The game is played from third-person perspective and has mission-based gameplay. The main character known only as 47 has to complete a given set of objectives in every mission, fortunately every mission can be completed in various different ways, giving at least some kind of freedom in the game. As it's core this is a stealth game, but sometimes it possible to cause chaos when completing the missions and go guns blazing instead of sneaking silently around the corners, however usually it is not recommended. Usually it is better to complete missions methodically and carefully. Disguising helps with that often. 47 can remove clothing from incapacitated persons and wear their outfit to disguise himself, this can be used throughout the game a lot, often multiple times during one mission. The cover can be blown if you cause too much suspicion, for example running or being in areas you should not be. There is an interesting post-mission ranking system, where players get ranked for how much stealthy or aggressive he was. The game rewards stealthy silent gamepaly by giving the player bonus weapons. The game had decent graphics for its release time in 2003, but it did not held up well and today looks very outdated, but gameplay is still very unique and should be enjoyed by anyone who likes stealth games. To see gameplay video of this breath taking stealth video game, you can watch the video provided below.

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