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Red Rope: Don't Fall Behind
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Red Rope is a 3D cooperative adventure game with 2D pixel art graphics for one or two players. Developed by , it was released on for Windows, Mac and Linux on the 21st of July, 2016. The main feature of the game is the rope that binds the two players together limiting their movements but that at the same time is the only weapon they have. The game is set in a vast labyrinth divided in 12 thematic areas, each with a precise symbolic meaning and unique mechanics. The goal of the game is to find the way out of the labyrinth after discovering what's hiding at its centre.


Red Rope is a hardcore co-op experience but it can be played alone controlling both characters at the same time. The two players have to use the rope to solve puzzles and defend themselves from the many dangers in the labyrinth avoiding, at the same time, to break their fragile bond. Communication and collaboration are of paramount importance, as the death of one of the characters determines the death of both.

At the beginning of the adventure the players are given 100 lives and losing them all results in a Game Over. It is possible to obtain new lives by catching the skeletons scattered around the game world or through the skeletons merchants in exchange for shadows, which are both harmless inhabitants of the Labyrinth and the currency of Red Rope. The shadows can be found in the various "dungeons" of the game or in the hallways, the main hub, and killing them will make any guard in the same room aggressive. Other merchants found in the hallways allow the players to increase the length of the rope or to save the game.

The game world is freely explorable and is made up of more than 200 rooms. Each of them has a variable number of gates through which is connected to the surrounding ones. The gates are always open unless there are hostile entities in the room. The only exceptions to this are the rooms with Minotaurs in it that always have open gates.

To reach the centre of the Labyrinth the players must collect the keys found in the various areas. These keys work in a hierarchical fashion: 3 bronze keys lead to the silver keys, 3 silver keys lead to the gold keys, 3 gold keys lead to the celestial keys and 2 celestial keys lead to the centre of the Labyrinth. Along the path to the centre the players will get to face up to 4 mini-bosses and 5 bosses.

Once exited the Labyrinth and completed Red Rope, the players will have their score registered and shown in the global leaderboard of the game and will be able to submit a photo and a sentence to become one of the shadows in the hallways. The score is equal to the lives the players have minus the shadows they collected during their journey in the Labyrinth.

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