Outbreak (0)

First release date
Dead Drop Studios


Outbreak is a cooperative survival horror game developed and published by Dead Drop Studios. On the PC, it will initially be distributed on Steam. Xbox One and Windows Store versions have been announced for later in 2017 but do not have firm release dates.


Outbreak plays as a top-down 2D action adventure and shooter hybrid. It can either be played alone in single-player, or online in up to 4-player cooperative gameplay. All content is playable in single-player or multiplayer.

In the campaign, players must navigate maze-like environments, find equipment and reach an evac zone to survive. As they explore, they will encounter an endless horde of enemies that will continuously chase and attack them. They will also encounter other enemies inhabiting the environment that will only attack on sight or when attacked themselves.

In the Onslaught mode, players will need to defeat waves of enemies to clear rounds and progress. As they defeat enemies, they will earn monetary units that can be used to purchase new equipment and open up more of the level.