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Miner Ultra Adventures
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Old School Blender Addicted
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Mineirinho, the game's protagonist

Miner Ultra Adventures is a game developed by Old School Blender Addicted to promote Dom Zelittu's Restaurante, a local restaurant in Brazil. The player controls Mineirinho, the restaurant's mascot, through five levels to rescue his restaurant from the hands of evil aliens. The game is developed in Blender Game Engine. It was released in January 27, 2017 and has an extended DLC adventure in May 2017.


Mineirinho infiltrates a castle terrorized by aliens with his mighty hat.

Miner Ultra Adventure requires the player to reach the goal of every stage to advance to the next. After passing through four stages, the player will have to defeat the final boss, which is a giant alien. The game utilizes two buttons and can only be controlled with a keyboard. Pressing Z will let Mineirinho jump. Mineirinho can jump to a total of two times. Pressing X will make Mineirinho use the weapon he currently has. By default, he throws his hat, which boomerangs back to him. The player can pick up other weapons in the game, which mostly consists of the food offered by Dom Zelittu's Restaurante, such as pizza and burgers. These weapons are usually stronger and offer more range. At the start of each stage, the player begins with five hit points. Players can pick up hearts to restore Mineirinho's health. There is no cap to his health, meaning that his health can go above five hit points. There is no game over screen in the game; the player simply has to restart the level from the beginning after every death.


Mineirinho blasts the aliens that took control of the Illuminati Pyramid.

Mineirinho is disturbed as he realizes that his house is surrounded by aliens. In addition to this, his restaurant has been taken over by these aliens. Mineirinho departs from his house to fight the leader of the alien army. Along the way, he comes across a castle, which was taken over by aliens as well. Mineirinho easily slays the aliens terrorizing the castle's citizens. Mineirinho is then given access to the castle's secret underground path, which connects to a giant slide serving as a shortcut to his restaurant. At the end of the giant slide, he arrives at a wasteland. This wasteland is, once again, taken over by aliens. The aliens here have taken control of the Illuminati Pyramid, which is an uncanny symbolization of fast food restaurants' power over the restaurant business. Unfortunately, inside this pyramid is the path Mineirinho must take to reach his restaurant. Mineirinho successfully slays the aliens controlling the pyramid by launching a missile towards it. After taking the path within the pyramid, he realizes he was still deep underground, meaning that he must go up to the surface to reach his restaurant. Fortunately, with the help of a beanstalk, he was able to reach high up into the skies and finally arrive at his restaurant. At his arrival, he is welcomed to a fight against the giant alien leader. To combat the leader with his immense size, Mineirinho utilizes the cannons stored within his restaurant and blasts the leader. With the leader defeated, the aliens have left the earth and Mineirinho is finally able to enjoy the delight of his customers returning to his restaurant.