Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition (0)

Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition
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PlayStation 2 PC
Devil May Cry
Devil May Cry
DMC3 SE DMC3 Special Edition

New Features

  • Difficulty Adjustment: Due to criticisms concerning the original Devil May Cry 3's level of difficulty, DMC3: SE adjusted its Normal mode to be much more accessible, with the original version's Normal mode now taking the place of the Hard difficulty, and the original's Hard mode taking the place of a new 'Very Hard' mode. Dante Must Die mode, however, was left untouched.
  • Turbo: A modifier separate from the difficulty settings was added, called Turbo, which would speed up the gameplay by 20%.
  • Bloody Palace: Originally introduced in , the survival mode Bloody Palace was absent from DMC3, but made its return in DMC3: SE.
  • New Character: What is perhaps its biggest addition is the playable inclusion of Vergil, twin brother to Dante and main antagonist of the game. Besides a unique opening cutscene, however, Vergil's story simply follows Dante's though while also removing the cutscenes. He must even face against himself as to where Dante would face Vergil, only he is shown to be wearing a red outfit as opposed to blue. Beyond his default DMC3 attire, Vergil also has a couple of unlockable costumes.
  • New Boss: Jester, who is eventually revealed to be the alter-ego of , makes multiple appearances in the original game but is never fought. In DMC3: SE he can now be fought up to three times as an optional boss, though there is no introductory cutscene nor does it have any bearing on the story.