Which Video Games Offer Poker as a Side Activity?

People worldwide choose video games as an opportunity for an exciting pastime. The main feature of current projects is that they offer players complete freedom of action in an open and almost limitless world. You do not have to complete the main story missions at all. You can spend time in the game the way you want.

Today we will share video games where you can play poker as a side task. If you are confident in your abilities and want to win real money, you can try sites like Slotslv or other online operators.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 offers players an almost perfect combination of video games and poker. In addition to story missions, you can access gunfights, horseback riding, and much more. But the main thing is that you can play poker and increase the number of game coins.

The game takes place in the Wild West. This game is for you if you have always wanted to try yourself as a real cowboy. 

As for poker, here you can play classic Texas Hold'em. The game is available in several locations with different buy-ins. You can choose the appropriate option depending on the level of your preparation. The highest bets can be made in Red Dead Redemption 2, and the game at low limits can be accessed at MacFarlane Ranch.

It is worth noting that the poker game was also available in the original Red Dead Redemption game from Rockstar.

Far Cry 3

In addition to the nonstop action and shootings, you can safely spend time at the card table in the game. The game has 8 locations with poker games at different rates.

The first table is located at the Valsa Docks outpost on the North Island. You will be able to catch the game, as access to it opens as you progress through the storyline.

Later, all the places where you can play poker will be marked on the mini-map. The locals play no-limit hold'em. You will like the gameplay design - you can watch the opponents at the table and how long it takes them to decide on the next move in some situations.

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs is a game from Ubisoft where you can try your skills at the poker table. Among the projects described above, here, the mini-game stands out with a set of exciting features. For example, using your gadget-hacking skills, you can spy on the players and periodically trick your opponents to win.

Texas hold'em is chosen as a discipline. You can customize the game for yourself by choosing the difficulty level.

The game takes place in a fictional city based on the prototype of modern Chicago. In addition to story missions, you will be offered to steal cars, hack city security systems, and more here.

Grand Theft Auto

Mini-games and side quests are taken to a new level in Grand Theft Auto V. There are so many different tasks here that you won’t have time to complete the main story. But we are more interested in gambling.

There will be no shortage of them here - in one of the additions to GTA Online, developers added a whole new location to the map. We are talking about Casino Diamond. This is where gaming halls are located on the ground floor. Expensive penthouses are on the upper floors, and a nightclub is in the basement where leading DJs perform.

The casino's list of available gambling games is quite comprehensive - classic slot machines, roulette, blackjack, and, of course, poker. In the hall itself, you can only play at low limits. To access high-limited rooms, purchase a penthouse and get VIP status.

Although the developers have strived to achieve maximum realism, playing with other live players is not available. They may be at the same table as you, but you will only interact with the dealer.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Many are familiar with the Witcher, thanks to the series of the same name, released by the Netflix platform. But it gained much more popularity thanks to a series of games for computers and consoles. In addition to the exciting main story, you will be offered to play mini-games here.

The game has its analog of poker called Gwent. The draw includes three game rounds, during which you decide to fold your cards or draw more to make a winning combination. Although the game is not much like the usual poker, it will help you have fun in the virtual world.

By the way, there was an analog of poker in the last parts of The Witcher. There, it looked even less like the original game since no cards were used in the process but dice.


Modern video games create substantial virtual worlds where the player is at the center of events. To be a little distracted from the passage of the main plot, various mini-games are added. The most popular of them is poker.

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