What are Users Saying about Plague of Z?

Plague of Z, developed by leading gaming company Top Games Inc, just got an update at the end of October in order to fix some bugs to improve the overall gaming experience. Check out what gamers have to say about the game, what they like about it, and what they perceive to be the game's flaws.

Plague of Z has an outstanding average 4.9 review rating, higher than any other games made by Top Games Inc, including its iconic Evony game. Plague of Z fans agree that it is addicting and there is no chance anyone will get bored with the game, as there are so many features, amenities, and things to do. Additionally, the game offers users the chance to chat with other gamers, and many note that they have made friends who share their interests in their manner. At the same time, they point out that the game, like many other Top Games Inc games, isn't designed for casual play or for those who are looking for quick victories or progress. Rather, Plague of Z poses multiple challenges that must be overcome, and learning how to play the game successfully is sure to take time.

Naturally, Plague of Z, like all successful games, has its critics. Many of the complaints relate to technical issues, as some players say the game is glitchy, crashes frequently, and locks users out of their accounts. Top Games Inc has a track record of responding to all negative reviews in a timely manner, letting users know that the company's R&D team is always on the job to help players who face technical difficulties; however, the offers of help are often ignored or brushed aside. There are also complaints about the in-app purchase options, as some say they cannot make progress in the game without making purchases; however, as others point out, it is almost always possible to avoid buying products/services in the game if one is willing to wait, strategize, and take time to learn how to understand Plague of Z in order to get ahead on his or her own.

Plague of Z isn't designed for the faint of heart. Players have to build a base and solve problems while at the same time protecting themselves from zombies hiding in the sewer systems and even other players who are looking for limited resources to protect their own cities. Players also have to decide which other survivors (aka players) they want to cooperate with in order to protect their towns, secure resources, and/or defeat zombies or zombie mutations. There are tutorials for the game, but it still takes time, thought, and patience to learn how to master it. It's not for those who want to kick back and pass the time, but those who are looking for a challenge will almost certainly find that Plague of Z will meet or even exceed their expectations. It has been downloaded over one million times by fans the world over and the overwhelming majority of users are happily addicted fans who enjoy this game and all it has to offer.

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