Top Video Games That Feature Gambling Elements

Gaming and gambling has always gone together hand in hand with many gaming characters being used to market themselves as the feature of a gambling slot game for example. The two industries will always have a trend together and will further develop this relationship as the quality of technology improves, but below we look at some of the best video games that feature gambling elements in them.

One of the leaders when it comes to this market is Red Dead Redemption which has always been one of the most popular free roam games due to it coming from the developers of Grand Theft Auto. In Red Dead Redemption, there are many elements of gambling including playing poker with fellow roamers, especially the Texas Hold’em format. There are lots of different features to playing poker in Red Dead, as you are able to cheat against your opponents and steal their money. However, do not get caught, as you’ll find yourself in a fight to the death over the poker table.

Another game that has a heavy gambling element to it is Watchdogs. The gambling drinking games and poker tables in the saloon is one of the most impressive new scenes in the latest release of Watchdogs and one that has seemed very popular amongst gamers. Although these aren’t one of the main elements in the game, 8the drinking games and poker tables are dotted around the map for you to play as a mini game to take a break from the main story line.

Gambling online now has taken many pointers from game in which the actual casino games have a gaming twist on them as found here. The crossover between gaming and gambling has become a massive part of the gambling world as they have become seriously popular amongst punters. These non gamstop casinos certainly do showcase this and with the lucrative bonuses that they have on offer alongside huge deposit matches are certainly on the rise in popularity amongst both gamers and gamblers.

And finally, the latest release in the Fallout series dubbed New Vegas of course is going to have a gambling element to it having Vegas in its title. The casinos in the game don’t have the same type of gambling in the other two games on this list as the chances of being cheated out of your money, or even become a victim to downright robbery are certainly increased due to the dark element to the game.

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