Tips for playing Farmville on Facebook

Farmville is a popular computer game that is played on the social networking site Facebook. The online farm game has grown because players get to experience farm life without dealing with real life difficulties such as getting up at dawn or having to endure the smell of manure. In order to play Farmville, you will need to have a Facebook account and sign up for the application from your page.

As a new Farmville player there are some important tips to keep in mind. You will want to move up through the levels quickly and earn cash. In order to do this it is important to join as many Facebook pages as you can. This will give you more neighbors which can lead to more gifts and gaining experience points.

You will also want to increase the size of your farm so that you can plant more crops and earn more revenue. The berries allow for the maximum amount of points to accumulated in the shortest amount of time. However, to gain the maximum amount of experience points it is good to have a variety of crops available.

Move Through Levels Quickly in Famville

Moving through the levels quickly allows you to receive more revenue and gives you access to special features. Try these tips to move up in the social game quickly.

  • Moving up through the levels quickly will help you receive more revenue and provides access to greater rewards. It is important to consider the following when starting out.
  • Play the game frequently. By going to the game application on your Facebook page often, you will be able to earn more money and move up in the game at a quicker pace.
  • Collect as many ribbons as you can. This will allow you to increase your level at a faster rate when playing Farmville.

Earning Cash in Farmville

Earning a lot of money as a farmer in Farmville allows you to purchase more useful items for your farm. It can be more difficult to earn cash as you move up in the game. Consider the following suggestions.

  • Save your cash earnings. This is different from the coins which accumulates quickly. Cash can be harder to earn in the game so wait before you make your purchases.
  • Consult Farmville forums and pages so that you can find neighbors and get useful tips. By having more neighbors, you will be able to earn more revenue by tending to their farms. In addition, you will also be able to receive more gifts which will help you gain trees and animals for your farm without spending money on them.
  • Sell gifts that you do not need. This will allow you to earn money on items that you do not intend to use.
  • Farmville is enjoyed by many Facebook users because it entertains them when they are bored, allows them to interact with their neighbors and is something that most people are skilled enough to do. Using some strategies allows you to move up quicker and obtain more benefits.

Cash can also be earned from other games and some of the online casinos are excellent in winning money instantly.

Farmville Co-op Tips for Veteran Farmers

Farmville co-ops are fun for all, but veteran farmers who have gained high levels have special needs compared to the tips and tricks useful to beginner or low-level farmers. Here are some strategies specific to high-level experienced Farmville farmers.

For example, veteran players often have already mastered co-op crops and don't really want to do those jobs, don't really need the bonus coins or XP, but really want the gold reward prize. Note that up to 10 players can join a job, and all players win the reward. So if a co-op is nearing completion, but still has slots available, go ahead and join! It's not even necessary to seed and plant the crops involved, but still share in the reward. (It's not considered cool to do this and take up a space if the job is not yet fully seeded.)

Create a Co-Op Team

Many experienced players can team up and plan to start co-ops simultaneously. Knowing how many plots each player has available to plant enables groups to know they will win a gold reward. When the co-op ends, the farmers move on to another job together. Using Facebook messaging is a great tool for co-op team planning.

Co-op teams work best for teams of farmers with similar schedules – night owls, employed standard hours, etc. – so that team members can be relied upon to seed and harvest at agreed upon times. Teams also make the game more community oriented and friend-centered, which is especially enjoyable when the early more independent thrills like achievement ribbons, mastering crops and completing collections have worn off or become routine.

Use the Farmville Biplane

The bi-plane is available to farmers level 12 or above, and either costs 30,000 coins or can be won as the gold reward prize on the Peanut Butter and Jelly co-op. The bi-plane grows crops instantly (after a goofy flyover animation) which are then ready to harvest.

The first plane owned comes with one free use, and after that costs farm cash based on a formula of how many plots and how long is left until harvest (there is a lot of speculation on the exact formula, but in general, more crops with longer time left to grow will cost more farm cash. Winning or buying additional planes does not generate additional free flights.

Some farmers find the gold reward prize worth the farm cash to end a co-op quickly, and may partner with friends to all do a co-op essentially instantly. Because co-op crops are generally mature in one day or less, it's not really that expensive. Experienced farmers with lots of farm cash from leveling up (especially since the long-awaited introduction of levels above 70) may find it easy to drop 1 FC to ensure a gold or compete a crop and move on with the day or evening.

Adding Time to Co-Op Jobs

Zynga also introduced a feature that allows any farmer in a co-op to add more time to the prize goals. According to the popular blog, Farmville Freak, 15 FC will add half again the time allowed for the gold award to all three levels (e.g. If gold allows 16 hours, it will extend the gold, silver and bronze levels each by 8 hours.).

This is quite pricey, and few farmers are willing to spend the farm cash needed to extend a reward period when it is so easy (and free!) just to start another co-op. If caught in a seemingly endless co-op that has gone past the gold prize, any farmer except the job starter can quit the job to start or join another co-op. The extra coins and XP that would be earned at the job completion are forfeited, but that's probably no big deal to a veteran farmer.

Using Preplanted Crops for Co-Ops

The most interesting and advanced strategy to help ensure gold, that also costs nothing, is using preplanted crops toward the co-op. This is not really a cheat, but exploits a loophole in Farmville's co-op rules to finish jobs faster, or possibly even solo. For specific details on how to count preplanted crops towards a job, see Using Preplanted Crops for Farmville Co-ops.

Using some of these advanced tips and tricks, even veteran Farmville Farmers can find delight in participating in co-ops, and can take the lead in ensuring that they end quickly and yield maximum rewards.

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