The Best Online Games of 2021

There was a time when having online capabilities for a game was more of a luxury feature than anything else. These days, having online features is the norm, and games would likely be called out for not having the ability to interact online with other players or to experience online events.

Surprisingly, one of the reasons why online gaming is so commonplace these days is the rise of mobile gaming. There are so many mobile games in the industry landscape that focus on player connection over everything else. Such is why many mobile games tend not to have sequels — it's all about making improvements as it goes.

For those who want to dive right in, here are some of the best online games of 2021.

Looking into the MMO space

It would be remiss to talk about online games and not mention the quintessential online gaming experience through massively multiplayer online games. Surprisingly, many of the most popular MMO games are the ones that have been soldiering on for quite a few years. For example, World of Warcraft is still going strong despite the controversies behind Activision Blizzard. There are also different online platforms available for those looking for something more traditional, such as

Perhaps the most popular MMO currently would be Final Fantasy XIV due to the constant updates provided by the game's hard-working developers. Star Wars: The Old Republic is another popular MMO, mainly due to how unconventional it is compared to other games. The Old Republic focuses more on the single-player experience, though it allows players to still party up for flashpoints.

The showstoppers

Aside from the MMO space, it's time to look at the games that seem to do no wrong in the current gaming landscape. Fortnite is one such game, capturing the younger audience and continuing to impress with regular updates. Battle Royale games, in general, are still a hot topic, and it was mainly popularized by PUBG, which allowed it to explode into the mainstream.

As far as the FPS side goes, Rainbow Six: Siege continues to pull players into the action, and it’s often considered one of the most popular team-based shooters. Overwatch is also a strong contender, though it has begun to show its age.

The power of mobile gaming

Last but certainly not least, mobile gaming is the place to be for developers that want to make as much money as possible. While the microtransactions and premium currency of gacha gaming is questionable, there’s no denying that it continues to make money. Popularized by games such as Fate: Grand Order, Dokkan Battle and Granblue Fantasy, mobile gaming is a genre that continues to defy expectations. As it grows to become more and more accessible with games such as Dragon Ball Legends, there’s undoubtedly more to come in the realm of mobile gaming.

With online games being the norm, most people are spoiled for choice with their gaming experience. You can have any experience you want — all you have to do is research the game to figure out if it's what you want to play.

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