Ripple XRP Cryptocurrency Price and Is It Worth Buying this Token?

Ripple is a network for fast and secure payments worldwide, working in the financial sector and having around 200 clients, such as banks, that use Ripple technology to facilitate their money transfers and improve business processes.

The idea to develop a platform that would solve all the current issues of traditional financial tools (such as SWIFT) came to Ripple developers long before the world heard the word cryptocurrency for the first time. Over time, Ripple released the XRP token that took part in payment proceedings, enabling:

  • speedy cross-border payments;
  • high level of safety;
  • no middlemen;
  • the lowest fees.

Ripple eclipsed traditional bank services that always take a few days to transfer money to another country and ask for high commissions. Ripple got some large world clients such as Santander (USA), Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (Canada)  and others.

XRP is one of the most popular digital assets traded on all large platforms. The price of Ripple is $0.37. Even though XRP is not the best asset in terms of value gains, it is still very popular among institutional investors, who hold XRP tokens hoping for further project development and the Ripple price XRP growth.


Solana (SOL) is another top-traded digital asset that became the number one choice for retail investors last year. The platform is rapidly developing, hosting different crypto platforms on the top of its network.

Having what to offer, Solana conquers the crypto market, attracting the developers of smart contacts, metaverses, NFTs, blockchain games, DeFi products, etc. with:

  • high throughput and speed;
  • low fees;
  • staking opportunities.

Let's look at the charts of these two assets. During the last three months, the market has shown a downtrend. The price of SOL coins was reduced from over $36 to $13. The Ripple price XRP fluctuates between over $0.5 and $0.3. We can see the assets are in different price categories, so it would not be correct to compare them by the price indicator. Moreover, the projects are aimed at other goals and target audiences. Solana is meant for crypto project developers, and Ripple is for the financial sector and banks. Both assets are attractive investments, so it is recommended to buy both these coins during the market drop.

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