Retro Date: 5 Games for Nostalgia

Older people are wiser and more experienced in all walks of life than younger people. While they might have lived through many life events such as wars, political events, and famous events such as Live Aid, they also lived through an exciting period where gaming became a way of life! Consoles became a part of the home and playing their favorite games filled their spare time. So, if you’re looking for a touch of nostalgia, fun, and excitement, then it could be time to arrange a retro gaming date, but what games should you choose?

Super Mario Bros

Released in 1985, Mario and his brother Luigi would head off on adventures and challenges. Their mission was to rescue the Princess or the mushroom, but there would be many challenges along the way. This world consisted of fantasy and some craziness, but the gameplay, characters, and even the theme tune still remain strong today, but this is one game that you have to consider playing. When you bring up the fact that you love Nintendo and Mario on your profile at, many older singles can appreciate your love for retro gaming and seize this opportunity to chat with you. After all, what is better to contact someone new rather than discussing something you both love dearly? This is the ultimate dating site tactic, so watch out for other singles mentioning their favorite things to invite them to a date where you both can enjoy it – just like with Super Mario Bros!


Lemmings is a timeless classic that never gets boring. It has been released in many formats, but the Amiga 500 is where it grabbed the attention of gamers. These suicidal rodents were so much fun, and spending time working out puzzles was all part of the game. This is where Lemmings becomes a perfect gaming option.

Tomb Raider

No retro gaming night is complete without a touch of sassiness from Lara Croft. Gaming has become a passion for many, which means this game is certain to become a hit on any date. Lara Croft had a way of keeping you engaged while playing; perhaps it was her figure or her can-do attitude. Whatever the reason, this was released in 1996 and had gamers gripped. Carrying some form of legendary status, the game will take you across different environments, including jungles and mountains, but the challenges alone will enable everyone to work together to find success.


Let’s not get too focused on Mario, who captured the attention of NES players because there was another icon fighting for the attention of gamers - Sonic. This feisty little hedgehog wouldn’t be seen slowly ambling across busy roads and dicing with death. In fact, this speedy hedgehog would often be found heading off on missions, collecting rings, and fighting the boss. Blink, and you’ll miss him, but there is no denying that this is a classic game definitely worth playing, especially for cooperative action provided by Sonic 2 onward.

Street Fighter

Who doesn’t love a spot of combat on the streets? Street Fighter was an absolute classic that was both exciting and thrilling. What’s more, you could play against friends too, which makes this perfect for a date! Pick your character, and you’ll soon be getting up close and personal with your partner in the virtual world!

How to Arrange a Retro Date

Arranging a retro date couldn’t be easier, especially when you have online dating on your side. By checking out profiles, you have the potential to determine who enjoys gaming. Any serious gamer will completely understand the importance that retro games have had on the development of other games. What this means is that arranging that perfect date and inviting people to explore retro games will become a simple process. Having a connection with people over things you both love will enable you to explore the benefits of a new relationship and discover a spark at a moment’s notice. Explore the Internet’s ability to bring people together instantly based on their interests and share your love for retro games with the perfect partner.

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