Quick Guide to iRacing Rigs

The iRacing platform is known as the gold standard in racing simulations for a reason. Not only are the gameplay mechanics some of the most realistic in the industry, but the iRacing platform has plenty to offer for gamers with varying interests. There’s the famous NASCAR iRacing Series, as well as other leagues from the Porsche TAG Heuer eSports Supercup and the iRacing Rallycross World Championship.

But racing enthusiasts can’t just jump into the iRacing world. Unlike standard PC and console games, there’s a setup required for the platform to run effectively. Not only is the price of this prohibitive, but it’s an added complication for those who live in remote locations where delivery is difficult and retail options are nonexistent.

Or so it went ten years ago. Since iRacing launched in 2008, there’s been a steadily expanding series of peripherals available specifically for iRacing gamers. Not only are there more manufacturers, but there are more sellers, too. Ordering affordable, beginner rig elements online has never been easier.

Today, one of the biggest challenges for newcomers is finding a setup rather than a rig. This is important for players that want to launch their competitive careers and join the eSports boom. At the moment, iRacing has plenty of prize money to offer—but events like the League of Legends World Championships offer massive winnings.

Looking ahead, it’s probable iRacing will become a major player in the eSports arena. At the moment, free bet offers from sportsbooks are expanding to offer markets on eSports, like the LoL event mentioned above. NASCAR’s iRacing Series could be a future contender in the next few years, which has many iRacing pros excited. 

But before a newcomer can dream of major payouts, they’ll first need a rig. Looking to prepare your own iRacing gaming center, but can’t quite figure out how to get started? Keep reading below for insider insight.

Tip One: Learn from the Pros

Most beginners will opt for a setup like those offered by iRacing academies and schools. There’s the famous Coach Dave Academy, along with other publications like Goodwood, which will offer simple guides for setting up a rig on a budget.

Those with little to no knowledge of brands like Playseat, or understanding of why a steering wheel is necessary, should start with recommendations from top pros. Until a driver can identify their preferences in form, they should avoid making bigger purchases they might regret later; for example, will a gamer be racing rally or with open-wheel simulations?

Tip Two: Opt for Modular Pieces

Most recommendations from the groups mentioned above will look to simplify the process of setting up a rig by providing all the necessary pieces. In other words, it’s a beginner setup from wheel to pedals to keyboard. However, most racers will find the original rig doesn’t quite meet their needs as they advance in their skill levels and hammer out their racing preferences.

From there, most pros get modular, meaning they opt for pricier pieces based on their needs. Some will look for direct wheels, while others will want a racing seat that lets them sit comfortably for hours. Try to build out the ultimate setup one piece at a time, working off the beginner rig.

One day, you’ll have a prized Frankenstein rig that helps you win enough money to opt for an advanced racing simulation rig that others dream of. 

Tip Three: Curate the Experience

Building a killer iRacing simulation rig reminds many racers of building a real racecar. The more developed a setup or career becomes on the iRacing platform, the more real the car feels for the simulation racer. In fact, some gamers will spend extra money on peripherals to create a ‘full motion’ rig.

Others won’t mind foregoing the simulated turbulence in their rig, preferring to opt for comfort over realism when it comes to the seat, pedals, wheel, and even monitors. No matter the preference, don’t be afraid to dive in.

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