Delete Me: 5 Apps That Make You a Bad Student

If you have a smartphone, you’ve probably spent too much time on some app instead of doing your uni readings and assignments. You tell yourself that you will only check your socials for a few minutes. Or you’ll do your work after watching a newly released music video from a favorite artist. 

But you know too well that these few minutes always turn into a few hours. Next thing you know, you’re too close to the important deadline or too tired to prepare for the class. And always wonder why you do not have enough time to study.

Notably, the apps themselves are not at fault. It comes down to how you spend your time: to search “buy essay” or read pointless top-10 facts. However, there are apps that have a high probability of keeping you distracted from your studies. Here are five of them that are worth deleting to pass your midterm exams. 


Plenty of studies have already shown the problematic nature of Tiktok. As useful as this app can be in some aspects, it seems to cause more harm than good. Especially when it comes to the screen time.

Even though they’ve added a feature that can show you the time spent there, it is still designed in a way that the app takes up all of your screen space. Thus, you’re immersed in the app completely. Besides, since the videos are very short, you do not feel like you’re spending that much time until you realize that it’s been two hours already.

Another big issue with Tiktok is the effect on your attention span. It is a terrible app for maintaining your focus as you’re getting used to receiving information in less than a minute. Not to mention that the credibility of the facts that you’re receiving is oftentimes questionable. So you’re probably better off without Tiktok and with a clear focus instead.      


Another not-so-useful app is Twitter. Sure, it can help you to stay informed on the current news. However, in the last few years, it seems more like the app for your newest scandal than a source of information and communication. There is a high chance of spending too much time involved in endless threads instead of studying.

Of course, Twitter is not the only distracting social media. However, it is known to be the platform for heated discussions and out-of-hand arguments. It would be easy to get wrapped up in quarreling on the Internet, while your mental resources would be much more beneficial for developing a good argument for your essay.


However, if you’re not active on Twitter or do not have an account, look for a similar social media app that involves you in pointless Internet battles or takes too much of your time in general and drains your resources. They might be:

  • Facebook
  • Reddit
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

Pick your poison.


With the rise of online shopping, there are endless possibilities of wasting your time looking at the latest products on Amazon and adding them to your cart or wishlist. Notably, it is damaging not only to your budget but to your focus and concentration.

It is so easy to get trapped in the idea of creating a perfect workspace and go on Amazon in search of the best organizers instead of actually doing your work. And it is much easier to do when you have an Amazon app installed.

It is unlikely that you will ever be distracted by online shopping again, but it will decrease your chances of getting stuck in picking the cutest pen for taking your notes. At least, while typing in the Google Search, you have time to think if you really need to do this now. But with the app, you’re immediately in the biggest online shop, bombarded with products.  

Candy Crush

Everybody enjoys a good mobile game. It is a great tool to get you busy on the long bus ride or keep you from getting anxious. However, getting stuck in crushing three rows of candy for a couple of hours will not do much good for your studies.

Similarly to Tiktok, this game blocks your sense of time spent on it and keeps you hooked on improving your score. But while you work hard on your Candy Crush record, no improvement is happening to your grades.

Of course, the problem with mobile games is related to how much time you spend on them. But if proven to be a significant issue, you’d be better off without this app on your phone. Maybe download it when going on a trip and in need of killing some time. Otherwise, keep your games on your PC and refocus your energy on studying.   

Not Uni Email

You might be surprised, but a lot of people lose a lot of time checking their inboxes. Usually, when someone tries to find something to do, they end up looking through their email inbox and getting stuck mindlessly clicking on every email. And not to mention the high probability of getting into online shopping through your ads.

Today it would be impossible to get around without an email. You would definitely need it to keep up with people. Your uni email is better to be available all the time to not miss the important news on your studies.

However, you’re not likely to need your Gmail inbox on your phone all the time. Especially considering all the apps for communication you already have. Reserve a specific time to check your personal email inbox, and do not mix it up with your study time. The fewer distractions you have around you, the more you’re likely to do your work.

Wrapping Up 

That’s about it. Consider the distracting nature of Tiktok, toxic and pointless quarrels on the Internet through Twitter, mindless online shopping on Amazon, spending too much time on Candy Crush, and reaching out to check your email inbox too often. Remove these five apps from your proximity and regain your focus to become the best student you can be.  

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