Call of Duty Warzone Beginner's Guide: Basic Tips and Tricks

Can you believe that Call of Duty’s Warzone is now available for those on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4? The game contains a lot of excitement with a play zone and a closing ring of lethal gas. You can pick up the loot, buildings where you can hide in, and enemies to outplay and outlast.

But there are plenty of features that you should be aware of. Warzone cheats and hacks can provide you with additional protection and help you win the match. You can try these warzone cheats that are enabled with other features to help you stand out in the competition.

So, if you wish to survive the ever-increasing competition, you will need an insight into the game. Here is the Call of Duty's Warzone essential tips for beginners.

Check the map

A key variable in the match initially is your choice of landing zone. You can bring up the match screen for the game by watching the cargo plane's cutscene. Identify the location where the shrinking gas circle is going to start. It will give you an idea of where most of the players are going to land and from where you can aim.

You can go more remote to get solid equipment if you do not participate in the fancy gunfights. You can also go for the 'trial by fire' approach and seek out crowded areas on the map before you drop.

Use parachute wisely

Warzone allows you to redeploy the parachute countless times while you descend to the ground. You can utilize the feature to reach points away from the plane’s drop path and reach the ground faster. If you are dropping straight down, let yourself fall till the last instant. If you plan to go somewhere in the distance, the best move is to point yourself directly towards your landing zone.

If you do not appear to be moving forward, try to pull your parachute and push forward with all your controls.

Spend cash wisely

Do not overlook money in Call of Duty's Warzone, as it is critical. You can utilize the cash to bring back your teammates who have lost their match in Gulag or reach the round late. However, not all the potential purchases have a similar utility level, so make most purchases. A gas mask is a luxury but grants only a few seconds in the storm.

You can instead have a cluster strike. You can acquire armor early in the game, so you need to waste money on it. And yes! do not try to spend all the cash immediately. Pool your money initially in the game. It will save your efforts and time for gathering cash later in the later stages of the game.

Consider loadout drops

Cash in Warzone is critical, but the top priority in your squad should be to buy Loadout Drop for someone as soon as possible. The airdrops allow your whole team to pick one of their loadouts to swap into and get their customized equipment and guns.

Try to pick your loadout to avoid sitting-duck danger. You can experiment with perks and run with Ghost by default, hiding you from heartbeat monitors and UAVs. It is likely a mandatory pick unless you wish to have an Overkill class to get your two favorite guns at once.

Exploit the Gulag

An exciting feature of Warzone is that death is not the end at all. You will be sent to the Gulag unless you die at the end or near the end. Gulag is a jail where you will have to wait for a one-to-one gunfight to re-enter the battlefield. And no matter what you lose, your squad can repurchase you if they have money.

If you and your classmate go to the Gulag simultaneously, you can help each other out.

Share your resources

You can play solo in Warzone; the aim should be to join a squad in the primary battle. So, try to think tactically as a squad in the match. If you have full armor and five spare plates but your squadmates have nothing, you can drop some plates so that they can pick them up. You can pool cash to buy a loadout marker and drop ammo for the squad.


That is all for Call of Duty’s Warzone! It has a whole lot of features that will fill the game with fun and excitement. You need to know the basic tips that will help you survive in the game and mark a win. Follow the above tips and play the game enthusiastically.

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