What Does a BTG's New Player Select™ Mechanic Offer?

Thanks to advancements in technology and innovation from software developers, online casino games now have new refreshing features that did not exist in the past. An example of such a mind-blowing feature has got to be the New Player Select™ Mechanic. A world’s first, this is a special mechanic from BTG (Big Time Gaming) that allows gamers to choose two different games. Instead of the game having a single spin button, it comes with 2! Players are welcome to click on either spin button at any time.

The feature offers two games in one. With a touch of the alt spin button, a player can instantly dial in an entirely new title. Players can also take advantage of the novel feature when playing the slot machine game using auto-spin to instantly change the game mode to what they prefer. This is something that has never been experienced in the iGaming world.

Currently, King of Cats is the only online slot that features this ground-breaking feature. Depending on how the game performs in the market, there is a high chance that software providers will include Player Select in their future productions. You can play this and many more games at a reputable Polish online casino.

About the King of Cats Slot Game

Designed with 6 reels and 2-7 rows, King of Cats takes gamers on a hallucinogenic world safari. The cats in this game are not your typical cats, this is because they have been designed to be more ferocious and wilder.

Thanks to the Player Select mode, a gamer can choose whether to play the Puma or Lion game on the fly. The Lion mode generally happens in Africa’s grassy savannah. The Puma mode, on the other hand, occurs in the deepest jungles of Peru with filtered sunlight and twisted trees. The dual nature that is seen in the game is evidence that these are two great games that are blended into one. Switching between the modes is also lots of fun. If a gamer gets bored of the sunny grasslands, they can quickly go back to the bushy jungle. The two modes also come with their perks, and different players will undoubtedly pick one feature that makes gaming more electrifying. Both modes have a similar soundtrack with bits of chanting when specific symbols appear. Depending on the choice that a player makes, the game will switch to either Lion Wilds that can appear as 4x4, 3x3 or 2x2 with multipliers of up to x16 or Puma Wilds that have the power to extend on 3 reels at once and reward x4 multiplier. In addition to the fresh Player Select™ feature, the title also features a Megaways game engine that offers players up to 117,649 winning ways on each spin.

The inventive Player Select™ Mechanic first went live in May 2021 at LeoVegas Group through Scientific Games’ Open gaming. On May 26th, the feature was launched networkwide with clients on the OpenGaming ecosystem, enjoying exclusivity on the slot game until August 19th, 2021. Player Select is a creative addition that is bound to keep players glued on the screen. This is because a person has the chance to switch from one game mode to another rather than moving to another title or activity when impatience starts to build up. BTG will go down in the books for coming up with a fun and creative feature that will allow its slot to outperform most of its peers with an African nature genre.

What Experts Are Saying about New Player Select™ Mechanic

Group Casino game’s manager at LeoVegas Group Johan Ekberg affirmed that the new player select mechanic would bring a new level of action that players would enjoy.

Nick Robison, the CEO of BTG, said that Kings of Cats delivered rip-roaring entertainment. He continued that as a company, they were constantly looking for ways to ramp up gamer engagement, re-imagining what online slots could do and how the games would deliver something completely new. He was confident that the new slot was a win.

Dylan Slaney, SVP Gaming at Scientific Digital, also has great things to say about the new slot game. He stated that King of Cats was another fantastic release from BTG that delivered new mechanics and cutting-edge gameplay bound to be popular with gamers. He was excited that his company offered LeoVegas the first opportunity to experience the game before it was released to others.

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