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You’ve played them on your console or PC and they have spawned multiple sequels, but now they have moved out of the realms of video games and moved to the big league and are now available on some of the best online casino sites for real money in Australia and America. Yes, that's right some of the best video games that kept you entertained for hours in the past are now being showcased as video slot games right now in gambling halls and casinos found in Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Sydney and Brisbane (and even at home on your PC or mobile device).

When Grown-ups Get Their Game On

There are some video games which become cultural phenomena, and these ones make an indelible mark on popular culture which catapults them into different media channels such as Hollywood Blockbusters, books, comics and yes even slot machines in both licensed land-based and legal online casinos. Below is a brief introduction to some of the most popular of these games, all of which have become big names in the industry and which continue to entertain and add to the story that is continuously expanding the universe in which the games are based. So without further ado, here are some of the very best video games which have been turned into outstanding slots and pokies (the Australian word for slots for those who don’t know).    

Resident Evil

Although it is not the first slot version of the Resident Evil Game to be developed, RESIDENT EVIL VENDETTA is the latest and without a doubt the best. The graphics are simply incredible and the gameplay is the best that these types of games have to offer. But what would also be important to fans of the franchise is that it actually has a story to tell, one which adds to the overall horror theme that permeates the very heart of what Resident Evil is.

The Landbased Version of Resident Evil Vendetta:

Tomb Raider

Since she was first seen on the original Playstation all of those years ago Lara Croft has made the jump to the big screen on multiple occasions and was also one of the first game franchises to be seen in a slots format. The Tomb Raider theme has in fact proven to be so popular that it has not only spawned online and offline versions of this slot but also has numerous iterations which can be found in casinos globally. To highlight the difference between the two games variants (on and offline/landbased) we have included multiple videos below:

The Landbased Version of Tomb Raider:

The Original Online Version of Tomb Raider:

The Online Smash Hit Sequel Tomb Raider Game:

Street Fighter

Street Fighter is arguably the very first video game to branch out into different media channels and thanks to both an online and an offline slots version of its iconic gameplay fans of the original game and Street Fighter II will not be disappointed. From its original arcade-style graphics to its inclusion of all of the characters found in the history of the franchise of the game, this version keeps the action coming and has proven itself to be a BIG hit in its own right. And like the original games themselves, these versions of Sreet Fighter have stood the test of time.

The Landbased Version of Street Fighter:

The Online Version of Street Fighter II:

Call Of Duty

A literal game changer in every sense of the word, Call of Duty has ensured its place in the hearts and minds of gamers everywhere thanks to constant new game releases under the Call of Duty banner as well as its evolving and cutting-edge tournament-style gameplay. The same can be said about the slot version of CoD because it most certainly has brought something new to the table. Currently Call of Duty is only available in this format of the game as an online slot and is based on the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 theme. Take a look below at the onscreen slots reel and graphics which have amazed and entertained fans since its launch.

The Online Version of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4:  

What are your opinions of these versions of much love video game franchises? Leave your comments below and let us know your thoughts.

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