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The gambling continues to gain popularity around the world, confirmed by the daily emergence of new gambling platforms. Top 10 trusted online casinos Malaysia is the ideal option for residents of this Asian country to spend their leisure time. After all, this country has long been a kind of betting capital in the region.

About online casinos in Malaysia

Recently, the number of both real land-based casinos and online platforms has significantly increased in Malaysia. The statistics show that the growth of popularity was noticed during mass cancellation of sports competitions. Consequently, many users were deprived of the opportunity to earn or became bored, and hence there was a goal to find a replacement for betting. It is safe to say that at the moment the country is one of the leaders in this sphere. After all, with each passing day, newcomers who want to try their luck are registering on the platforms. Surprisingly, even though Malaysia is a Muslim country, which bans all types of gambling, many people are not deterred by it. 

In addition to the best online casinos Malaysia, there are also special platforms for gambling, which are outside the country. It is interesting that most of the international sites add the Malay language version to the sites. Moreover, people who specify their place of residence as Malaysia, have special bonuses.

Before you start the game it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the laws of Malaysia. The government of the country raised the question about gambling several times and each time introduced some amendments, which sometimes complicated the situation or, on the contrary, made it more comfortable for gamblers. 

Now we can distinguish three laws that restrict gambling in Malaysia:

  1. The Law on Betting. This act states that all types of gambling are prohibited. Particular attention is paid to sports betting, which was then very popular among Malaysians. In case of violation of the law and continuing operation of betting shops and online casinos, the people responsible could face imprisonment up to 5 years, as well as a fine of 200 thousand Malaysian ringgit. Many people are stopped by this law, because there were strict inspections and it was almost impossible to play. By the way, the law is currently valid and continues to ban online casinos. 
  2. Common Gaming Houses Act - 1953. This law states that not only the people who run the resources where gambling takes place will be punished, but also those who directly place the bets. If someone was arrested, the court could sentence them to imprisonment for up to 6 months and also order them to pay a fine of 5,000 Malaysian ringgit. However, many people have noticed some inaccuracy in the law. It refers specifically to the gambling houses, but it does not say anywhere that online casinos Malaysia is a gambling house, not a site. That is why people interpret this law a little differently and use it as necessary, because its boundaries are very blurred.
  3. Sharia Law. It is the strictest law, which is adhered to and feared by most Malaysians, because they are Muslims and practice Islam, which categorically prohibits gambling. If we talk about the past two laws, it is the violation of the law that is in question. In the case of Shariah law, a Malaysian must break morals and transcend religion. But there is also some defect here, because only 60% of the people in Malaysia are Muslim and the remaining 40% which includes Hindus, Chinese belong to the other religion and that means they do not fall under the Shariah law. In fact, this is why they are free to gamble.  

By the way, you should pay attention to the fact that the laws may apply to foreigners, if they also practice Islam and decided to try their luck in one of the online casinos in Malaysia. There are several examples of such arrests. Most often, the players caught were from Pakistan or Indonesia.

It is also important to say that there are some nuances that need to be known before gambling, besides knowledge of the law. For example, unlike other countries where the minimum age to play is 18 years old, in Malaysia a player under 21 years old cannot access an online casino. This is strictly controlled by the personal data that the player enters when registering on the site. Also, the operator may ask the new player to pass the verification of personal data. When all stages of verification are passed, the player is familiar with the responsibility and possible consequences, the user must be prepared for the fact that even on foreign sites, payment systems in Malaysia will do everything to prevent both crediting and withdrawal of funds. 

Best online casinos in Malaysia

Despite the difficulties that await a Malaysian player wishing to try his luck at an online casino after all the possible checks, he finds quite a good choice of gambling platforms. It is difficult to choose exactly the best online casinos Malaysia, because each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Online casinos in Malaysia are no different from the European or American. They also have access to catalogs of programs from leading providers that supply many slot machines and table games.

Below you can find a subjective top of the most reliable online casinos:

  • 22bet - considered one of the leading international online casinos, partnering with providers such as Microgaming and NetEnt.
  • Genesis - there is a welcome bonus for residents of Malaysia.
  • Kingbilly - very high quality 3D slots available in 1000 pieces in sections of the site. 
  • 1xSlots - local players get not only classic video slots, but also the company's own developments. 
  • 888 Casino - there is a quality mobile version and a variety of gambling tournaments.
  • Playamo - takes the second place in popularity, according to the statistics of visits by Malaysian players. 
  • Energy Casino - games library includes one of the largest collections of video slots created by the leading providers; 
  • Jackmillion - will please local players with a rich selection of slots and bonus offers. 
  • Bit Starz is known for the quality of its games and security of any transactions.
  • 777 Casino - it is recommended for those who prefer to play slots.

Each of them is above-mentioned casino passes checks, which means players should not worry about leaks of personal information. Licenses guarantee safe betting to the target audience, which, with a competent approach, will bring a stable profit.

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