The gaming-inspired evolution of casino games

Casino games have evolved in a number of ways since making the move online in recent years, as game developers and online gambling platforms collaborate in a bid to engage and retain new customers whilst offering something fresh for their existing players.

As mobile technology evolves and more players switch to online casinos on their mobile devices, the competition for custom is increasing and providers are always looking for new ways to stay one step ahead of each other.

Variety performance

The main focus on how to do this has primarily been on offering a wider variety and unique takes on the classic casino games. For example, players can choose from more than 30 different variations when they play blackjack online at Paddy Power with options to play solo or against live dealers and other online players.

First Person Blackjack is a reflection of the gaming influence in online casinos with its fully computer-generated environment providing an authentic experience for players. Meanwhile, Speed Blackjack challenges you to keep a fast pace, the Cash Out version of the game provides a unique low-risk safety net of leaving the game early with your winnings, and Cashback Blackjack takes things further by giving you the choice to receive an offer to end the game early in a twist on the ‘Deal or No Deal’ slot game.
But it isn’t just variety that attracts new players, especially when it comes to slot games…

Creating a narrative

One way in which the game's developers and platforms have worked hand-in-hand is in the creation of more story-driven slots with a focus on a character.

As Tech Aeris explore in this article, with more tech-savvy audiences having high expectations gained from their experiences of movies and next-gen video games, slot developers are striving to create games that can match not only the visual graphics and realistic feel but also the narrative structures and character development seen in those forms of entertainment. Some slots like Heroes Hunt allow you to select a character before unlocking further characters and ending with a battle against the archetypal “baddie”.

Similarly, in Max Quest: Wrath of Ra the player operates a character shooting opponents rather than spinning reels on their way to cash prizes. What this particular slot, developed by Betsoft, also provides is a unique multiplayer experience against other live players - straight out of the online video game handbook.

It’s an innovative approach to online slot development and it is one which has been rewarded with a high amount of player engagement.

Engaging the play

As Forbes outline in this article, online casino operators need to compete not only with each other but with all forms of online entertainment in a competitive industry, so providing slot games with a narrative and characters keeps players engaged for longer. By its nature, a narrative-based game is likely to be longer than those which only offer reel spins.

Also, players are more likely to return to continue their quest and progress through the different levels, which is ultimately what online casinos rely on - the regular return of their customers to play their games over and over again. This development of stories and characters, inspired by gaming, is key to the evolution of casino games.

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