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Have you ever walked into a casino and thought about how you would run a new casino? Where would you put the slot machines, what games, and what alcohol would you serve the public? It's just this simulation running into your head and this belief that you could rank in tunes of cash if only you knew how to open a new casino. Well, opening a casino is a challenging feat that requires tons of permits, oversight, and not to mention money. So opening a real casino could be too much for you, but what is possible in 2023 is to open a virtual casino where you can see all of your wildest imagination about what your casino will look like. Simcasino is on the market and will help you see your dream casino come to life. But remember, with all good things comes a set of bad things, so be prepared to encounter the challenges of being an actual casino owner, while if you want to see the real-life online version you could also find the best new online casinos here. It's not all just sitting back and watching the money come in.

Below we will look further into Simcasino and help you realize if this is the game for you.

What is SimCasino?

SimCasino was a game released in 2021 by the developer LVGameDev for Microsoft Windows. The name could make some believe this game is similar to the famous Sims brand, but they are unrelated and from the same developer. This game is an online management simulation where you get put into the position of the casino owner from the beginning of the process to the end. You will be in charge of everything concerning the business. This control means even before the doors open to your casino; you will have to determine how you want your casino to look and not just what color to make the wall. You take on the developer role and decide where the slot machines should go. Do you want to have slot machines? Questions like this are to get answered at the beginning of the game, and once the game begins and money starts to come in, you can decide on expansion. Through the research and expansion method, you could add new games, restaurants, and dance halls, and if you get far enough, you could add a hotel attached to the casino. All with various methods of customizations so you can create the casino in your ideal image, with your ideal features.

Overall the point of the game is to run a successful business model. Through the game, which lasts from weeks to months, you will get presented with various data demonstrating how your business proceeds from a financial point. Based on the data, you will then need to make decisions about the direction of the business. Either you believe if you expand more, you could make more money, or you could peel back and take things away to compensate for losses. The choice gets left in your hands, and as a business owner, it is up to you to make the best decisions for you and your business. If you look at the numbers and think you can add a bingo hall, then you can, but if you look at the numbers and see you are losing money, then maybe it's time to take out that extra section of slot machines.

The other aspect of this game is to make sure the customers are happy and coming in and spending money. You also are in charge of the security of the casino and its finances. You can install cameras to watch over the customers, use interrogation rooms, or even go as far as to develop a security scheme or a vigorous walk-around scheme to ensure every inch of the casino gets watched at any given time.

This game is an encompassing game where you are in control of the direction of the casino. If the casino fails, customers are unhappy, money gets stolen, or there are not enough employees, it will be your fault. You are a true business owner, so you must take charge of every minor detail of the business if you hope for it to succeed in the long term.


SimCasino allows you to make the casino you have always dreamed about. The good thing about this game is you are in control of every aspect of the game from top to bottom, but the bad thing is you are in control of every aspect from top to bottom. There may come days when you don't see the need to do anything, and like any simulation game, you don't have to do anything; the game progresses without you. The point is to keep the lights on and the good times going. If running a casino or a simulation game is your idea of fun, this is the game for you.

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