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In 2021 the topic about “online real pokies Australia” became even more relevant for Australian players, since lately on the market have appeared dozens or even hundreds of untrusted and unverified online casinos. 

What is important to know before registering

It’s really crucial to spot the fraud before the registration. And it’s quite simple, just read the news, follow for reviews and check some cool gambling blogs, one of our favorite ones is Golden Reels official blog.

Today, in order to gamble, it is not at all necessary to visit ground-based halls, because the range of slot machines in online casinos is much more substantial and diverse. Nevertheless, not all virtual clubs are reliable, which raises certain doubts among novice gamers. Unfortunately, the Internet has the highest level of anonymity, which is why fraud is rampant. The gambling industry is no exception. Of course, if you play in a famous place like Golden Reels casino, which has been tested by time and other players, then there is nothing to worry about. However, many gamblers, especially beginners, are not very picky in such establishments, and therefore often fall for deceivers. If you run into such an unpleasant story, you should not despair, because there is always a way out. Imagine a conditional situation: you made a deposit, but could not withdraw funds in the future, or the site simply stopped working. Such cases occur, although infrequently, but, nevertheless, they do take place. This is the most obvious scheme of cybercriminals creating fake resources with devices, and there are also more advanced frauds.

 Tips for verifying the legitimacy of a gambling establishment 

Quite often, players don’t bother themselves too much, they just use word combinations in search engines like “online pokies Australia real money no deposit” and hope to find the best play for real money. But we suggest being more careful and to do some extra checks before sign-up in hope to get some unbelievably generous bonus codes. To be on the safe side, before login let’s spot the real legal casino. How not to fall for the trick of scammers?

The best way to avoid being caught by scammers is to be proactive. That is, try not to play on suspicious resources, so that in the future you do not have to restore justice for a long time. It is not very difficult to identify a site with an obvious scammer, here are some criteria that should make you suspicious:

  1. lack of a license;

  2. strange page design;

  3. a huge amount of advertising;

  4. lack of documentation!

In this case, it is worth paying attention to additional factors. Attackers rarely use expensive software, because they put the creation of such portals on a conveyor belt, therefore, they work terribly, load slowly, the interface is slow and is displayed crookedly.

Be vigilant and spend time exclusively in trusted casinos!

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