Goat Poker Players To Follow In 2022

Millions of people all across the world adore playing poker. The reason behind that is that poker is not just a game; it's a challenge that requires intense mental abilities and quick-thinking skills to be successful. It may seem like a harmless game, but in reality, many people make their living through playing poker, which means that those money-making opportunities are out there just waiting for you to take advantage of them! Sometimes players can earn millions even within a single day by winning big prize money or making intelligent investments that they can use as an infusion of cash to help them continue making waves in their industry. Losing at poker doesn't mean you should give up because there will likely be times when you come back with more knowledge and recoup whatever losses you've made before.

Several iconic players have illustrious careers, and you can learn the best tricks from them. Dive into this article to learn the best ones to follow in 2022 and learn their secret tricks.

Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian tops the list of the greatest poker players that one should follow in 2022. Dan Bilzerian is an extensive internet sensation known for his merit and high-class strategies while playing poker. Known for his high-stake winning and name in the Poker world for winning most games, Dan Bilzerian has a significant following. His vast media presence accounts for his reputation as a great poker player. His sensational $50 million in 2014 is one of the biggest poker winnings. However, he had not won any significant events recently, but he sports some extraordinary skills with this impeccable performance. Dan also ranks one of the richest poker players and lives a lavish life with his estate and winnings in his career. 

Liv Boeree

The poker arena has now been dominated by female players, too, who have made a mark for themselves as great poker players. Liv Boeree is known for her impressive career and charming personality. Liv Boeree has USD 4 Million to her name and oversees a charity named "raising for Effective Gaming," where she contributes a significant share of her earnings for noble causes.

The only female poker player who has mastered the poker game rules, Liv Boeree, has won both the World Poker Tour and European Poker Tour. She also has a WSOP bracelet to her name and won the 10k Tag-Team event in 2017. She has made more than a massive $3.5 million in poker tournament earnings and has surpassed $4 million in recent years. Truly a "beauty with a brain," Liv also holds a degree in Astrophysics and has an impressive academic background apart from poker.

Chris Ferguson

Chris Ferguson has his fair share of popularity in the poker world. Ferguson has exhibited his extraordinary skills in the significant WSOP Main Event in 2000 and won a massive $1.5 million, and put every other player to shame with his impeccable strategies. Not only that, Ferguson prides himself for winning a whopping $7 million in several major live events, including 90 WSOP finishes in the money.

Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu has been famed for his professional personality and winning several massive events with his illustrious career. His achievements have given him a massive leap to become one of the richest poker players in the history of poker. He has amassed whopping prize money through his talent and mind-blowing strategies. Undoubtedly, Daniel aces to maintain a poker face and bluff effortlessly while playing the game. He has even been included in the Hall of Fame and has signed several contracts with renowned sponsors. Adding another feather to his crown, he has been the star face of PokerStars till 2019, after which the famed Mahendra Singh Dhoni as well as other famous personalities took the position. He has become the brand ambassador for GGPoker. Poker enthusiasts can learn several tricks from Daniel and become the next superstar.

Annie Duke

Famously known as the "Duchess of Poker," Annie Duke exhibits her talent in poker and is known for her high-profile personality in the poker world. With a formidable tournament record, Annie is known for her cash game skills and bidding at the highest levels with a straight face or, in poker terms, "a poker face." Duke has won the WSOP Tournament of Champion held in 2004, a bracelet in WSOP, and the National Heads-Up poker championship in 2010. Moreover, beginners can even catch her books, demonstrating her strategies and learning from the best. Moreover, Annie has started a charity for poor African nations called "Ante Up For Africa," showing us her empathy and charming personality.

Tony G

One of the most professional poker players, known as Tony G, was known as Antanas Guoga, after which he took his stage name and became famous in the poker world. Despite not holding any major title in the WSOP, he still accounts for 15 wins in the event. His political and business activities have made him famous among his followers, who are walking in his footsteps to learn poker tricks and business strategies.

He has won several big prizes in many reputable poker events and built a massive estate for himself, which accounts for most of his wealth. Apart from being a renowned poker player, he has demonstrated his impeccable business skills and has become the CEO of Cypherpunk Holdings Inc, a significant investment company and holder of bitcoin. Indeed, Tony G has some great poker strategies up his sleeve, which he has implemented in his business and is scaling the company every day.

Bryn Kenney

With a massive win of $55 million and the maiden title of the WSOP bracelet, Bryn Kenney might be less prevalent in the poker world, but he has made quite a mark in the poker world. He has also managed to stay at the top of the most profitable poker players in 2019, holding 20.5 million won at Triton Million held in the British capital. Moreover, Kenney also made his mark by winning the most significant bid ever paid in a single tournament after his big win at British. Bagging one of the most considerable even earnings, Bryn Kenney has undoubtedly a lot to offer to beginners and poker enthusiasts.


Here are some of the widely popular poker players who have made a name for themselves in the poker world by demonstrating their extraordinary skills and persona. You can follow them on their social media handles or grab their books and other resources to enhance your poker skills. However, remember that practice makes a man perfect!

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