Can Gaming Characters Be the Next Casino Stars?

The casino gaming industry is moving forward at a rapid rate, and it is an industry that leans on a variety of other areas in order to find themes for slot games. We have seen a little work with gaming characters, but only the start. Could these be the future for the casino industry, and the next big theme that is developed for players to enjoy?

One of the big reasons why the casino industry keeps moving forward is because there are many new casinos taking the industry forward by coming in with new ideas and using something we haven’t seen before. With so many new online casino providers, one of them could be tempted to use the idea of gaming characters and team up with a developer to create a series of games that are based on the characters that we all know and love.

Why Would This Work?

Casino slot games have changed a lot over the years, they are no longer the simple reel based games that we remember from the past. These games now have great depth, with bonus features, additional gaming rounds and much more, all of which looks very familiar to a video game, rather than a casino game.

This could be used to further enhance the games, because either specific scenes or elements of the game being used for the theme could come together to also provide the additional content. For example, if using a game such as the recently released Far Cry 6 then some of the early game scenes that people will have played could be used to set the scene for the bonus round on offer, or as additional content.

This all adds real depth to the game theme and is more likely to mean success in the future and is something that could easily be implemented from video games into casino gaming. Fans of the game are going to really love seeing this too, and if they are relatively new to casino gaming, it will bridge the gap between video games and casino games, making them look and feel very similar in parts.

What Games or Characters Could be Used?

There are many areas that could be looked at by the casino industry as potential options. If they are looking to combine a video game that already has gamblers as fans, then looking at games which are used by the eSports industry is an option. This would mean games such as Dota2, CS:GO and Fortnite could all be considered as potential video game themes.

Elsewhere, the sports industry has been used in casino games for a long time, so sports games would be another popular option to use.

This could be games such as FIFA 22, based around football, or others on the market that have a focus on other sports such as golf, tennis, cricket, the NBA, NFL and NHL. These would be easy to implement, and again, could use elements of the video game to further enhance the title and make something special. 

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