Betting & eSports: A Winning Strategy

Betting on eSports may seem like an alien concept to fans of traditional sports, but it is slowly becoming big business for online bookmakers.

Many of the leading betting brands in Europe now have sections on their sportsbooks which allow punters to wager on eSports leagues and tournaments.

A more intriguing recent development has been the approach taken by gambling operators in several other major betting jurisdictions worldwide.

According BettingTop10 Australia, a comparison platform for betting sites, some of the new wave of sites focus predominantly on eSports odds and markets.

They include Picklebet Australia, who offer one of the most comprehensive eSports betting platforms you will find anywhere in the world.

This undoubtedly helps to set the firm apart from their competitors, many of whom still play lip service to covering eSports effectively.

For eSports bettors, this development presents an exciting opportunity to take their wagering activities to a whole new level.

Rather than limiting themselves to betting on a handful of events, punters can now wager on eSports leagues and tournaments staged across the world.

This essentially mirrors traditional sports betting, thus providing eSports with much greater levels of legitimacy than was previously the case.

On that basis, it is essential for bettors to adopt the same mindset they apply to betting on traditional sports to their eSports wagering.

Implementing a betting strategy is crucial if you want to be a successful eSports punter, so here are a few handy tips you need to follow.

Choose a Trustworthy Betting Site

Before you dive head-first into betting on eSports, it is imperative to spend time researching which site best serves your needs.

Your primary concern should be choosing a site which has been cleared to offer online gambling services in your jurisdiction.

For instance, the aforementioned Picklebet are fully licensed and regulated by Australia’s Northern Territory Government.

This gives you peace of mind that the operator is trustworthy – a crucial factor if you are lucky enough to make a consistent profit from your eSports bets.

Establish an Affordable Betting Budget

You have found a suitable site and are ready to start betting on eSports. In the spirit of being sensible, there is one more thing you must consider.

Even the most committed professional bettor will establish an affordable budget for their betting activities before they place any wagers.

Ultimately, you should never bet more than you can afford to lose, so calculate in advance how much you want to spend each month and stick to it.

Betting on eSports is essentially an entertainment pastime – if you treat it as such, you will maximise your enjoyment of engaging in the practice.

Know Your eSports

Much like wagering on traditional sports, knowledge is undoubtedly power when it comes to eSports betting.

While there are loads of different eSports available for betting purposes, it is imperative to stick to the ones you have an in-depth knowledge about.

For instance, if you know nothing about League of Legends but religiously follow NBA 2K events, it makes sense to concentrate on the latter.

By knowing who you are betting on, following the form and looking for value bets, you will boost your chances of making a consistent profit.

Putting eSports Betting into Practice

While no betting strategy is completely foolproof, it is feasible to apply a popular gambling system to secure a winning return on your eSports wagers.

The Martingale System was originally popularised in casinos, where bettors used it to exploit the odds offered on betting on red or black.

The system works by choosing a colour and then betting on it until it comes in. If your initial bet is unsuccessful, you double your stake and continue to do this until a successful wager.

You start by placing a $10 bet on your chosen colour (for instance, red). The odds are 2.00 (Evens), so if you win your return will be $20 – a $10 profit.

For the purposes of this example, the first spin lands on black so you have lost $10. Your next bet on red must be $20 - making a total outlay of $30.

The ball lands on red on this occasion, so your return would be $40 – a $10 profit. You can now walk away from the table and ponder how to spend your winnings.

The same methodology can be tweaked and applied to eSports. You focus purely on match winner markets and only wager on selections priced at 2.50 (6/4) or above.

Using the casino scenario, your first bet is unsuccessful but your second is a winner. Your outlay would still have been $30, but your return is $50 ($20 x 2.5 = $50).

By rigidly sticking to this system you are eventually guaranteed to make a profit, although a long losing streak would make a significant dent into your bankroll.

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