Diablo III Easter Eggs

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Diablo III is a hack and slash video game, and a sequel to the famed Diablo II. Some games have references to pop-culture and Diablo III is no exception. In Diablo III, most of the easter eggs appear in a form of an item. Most of the easter eggs in Diablo III, reference comic book characters. Items like Justice Lantern Ring, Logan’s Claw, the Three Hundredth Spear, reference Green Lantern, Wolverine and 300 (the graphic novel) respectively. There are plenty other references too but they also appear in a form of an item’s name.

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Wednesday, 15 March 2017 21:19

Diablo 3 is in general a very strange game, an unique one and an interesting one. You feel in between of an original game and it's hacked version which gives a unique experience while playing. It's nice that diablo 3 easter eggs are also very diferent from other games, they include some not so popular references, however, if you accidently now some characters in these diablo 3 easter eggs, you are incredibly lucky and you understand that this game was actually designed to someone like you!

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