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The Stadium Project
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The Stadium Project is Jarokn Games' first PC game, it was created with Game Maker: Studio.

The stadium in the center of the main menu starts off at level 1 for all the stands, and it is the player's goal to reach level 40 of every stand to create the best stadium in the world. Along the way, they must hold matches in the stadium.

The Beginning (V1.0.0-V1.1.1)

Version 1.0.0 brought most of the game into play, with keyboard buttons being used to build the stadium and the game being quite buggy.

Versions 1.1.0 and 1.1.1 fixed most of the bugginess as well as moved the game towards a fully mouse driven interface, to hopefully expedite it's trip to mobile platforms.

#nssport Beta Test (V1.2.0)

After James-Robert Knight decided to take the game to his friends on the NationStates Sport IRC channel, they found many bugs and inaccuracies, so James acted on them and released the newest version, which was almost bug free and feature complete.

Financial Revamp (V1.3.0)

Official screenshot of the final release.

James decided to revamp the financial system in the next update, making maintenance costs, floating ticket prices and various other financial features possible. A month or so after that update, Jarokn Games sold their first copy in the pay-what-you-want scheme, which inspired James to change the game to sales only, as only 9 downloads had been made at the time. Soon after, Jarokn Games partnered with Fastspring to sell the PC games, including The Stadium Project, through their own site, on their terms.


Around the end of June of 2014, James decided that the game had stagnated for too long, and decided to start work once more. His first move was to re-release the game as pay-what-you-want, so as to revive interest.

Interface Update (V1.4.0)

James Knight released a small update on August 6th, 2014 without much fanfare until he announced it on Jarokn Games' blog on August 8th. The interface had changed a fair bit, as well as having the possibility of bankruptcy as well as a final win screen. James also announced that after a bit more polish, the game would be coming to Steam Greenlight, quoting that a had recieved good feedback.

The game can be found and is pay-what-you-want above $1.